About the Author

About the Author

Lily Rose is an ordained Center for Spiritual Living minister. From 2001 to 2015, Rev. Rose was a minister at the Woodland Hills Center for Spiritual Living. Since 1998, she has been a CSL practitioner helping to awaken her clients to their “spiritual magnificence.” Her teachings are not concerned with using the mind to demonstrate specific things, people, success, health, or wealth; instead, she aims to develop an awareness of our true nature through the science of self-responsibility. The success of her approach to living the “I-Am consciousness” through self-realization is quite evident. Lily Rose lives in California with her two daughters.

“As a CSL minister, I work to empower humankind to celebrate the perfection of the life force energy of the Divine that resides within all that exists in the Universe!” says Rose. “In an effort to enlighten the planet and inspire everyone to live heart-centered lives, I provide counseling and books on the body, mind, and spirit. While working with millennials, baby boomers, and a wide range of people who have experienced personal illness, trauma, eating disorders, addictions, relationship problems, and/or prosperity issues, I strive to uplift and guide my clients to achieve self-love and balance through an inner spiritual transformation of self-realization.”

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