In recent history, humanity has made great strides in understanding how to become self-actualized, to live an authentic life of integrity. Technological advances have paved the way for a higher standard of living in most of the developed world, making life easier and overall less stressful. More and more people have been released from living in survival mode and as a result, are able to access higher levels of consciousness. With the basic lower needs met, people are freed to discover their higher purpose, which in turn, enables them to live full and rewarding lives in service to the world.

With the advent of the internet, all of society is learning and growing at a faster pace, and awakening to their full potential. People are understanding how the conscious and subconscious minds work, and are aware of their ability to use thought and creative action to actively change reality. To facilitate this transformation, thoughts are directed consciously and deliberately by way of the integrity of the intention held in mind that is projected and focused on.

In the past, many people made efforts to live virtuous lives; however, they often felt victimized by circumstances that materialized. To deal with the plight dealt to them, they prayed for the hand of God to reach out and save them from the turmoil they felt powerless to control. To handle the resulting stress, people began to indulge in comforting addictions that helped them to forget about their problems. They rationalized negative behaviors rather than taking constructive right action to better their lives.

Codependent relationships developed, to successfully enable bad behaviors. In these relationships, hardships were invoked upon the people who insured that this lifestyle would continue. Unfortunately, this was not an even energy exchange, and was unfair to the emotionally wounded parties whose injured self-esteem allowed this abuse.

To break free from codependent relationships, it is important to have the courage to stand on your own two feet, to teach the people in your life how to treat you. In doing so, you not only help yourself, you help others to demand more of themselves, which inadvertently causes them to appreciate you.

Today people are letting go and letting the Divine guide and direct their way instead of staying stagnant, waiting for a separate power outside of themselves conveniently labeled as God, to save them. They are realizing that the intelligent life force energy of the universe, God, is everywhere present and in control of their lives, and has never abandoned them. More individuals are becoming co-creators, working collaboratively with Spirit, in an effort to be of service to the world. They are empowered and learning how to use their thoughts to create a new life.

With an understanding of energy and how your thoughts create your reality, it is easier to move forward to construct a strong foundation upon which to build a platform that supports your vision and goals for the future.

When you focus on all the good that is in your life, the gratitude you feel enlivens your spirit and anchors the feel good emotions that negate fear, worry, and anxiety. When you hold within the essence of your being an intention that is pure, your actions will reflect your consciousness, and work to create a spiritual atmosphere to attract the people, places, and opportunities that resonate with your higher purpose.

The love you express is felt in the hearts of those whose vision is in alignment with the integrity of your authentic self. When you work to embody spiritual principals in your day-to-day life, the universe responds to your energy field with opportunities that are in sync with the person you have become.

What manifests in life is a reflection of your ability to surrender to the life force energy of the Divine. When you step into the ease of living, the trust you embody materializes as spontaneity that allows you to effortlessly flow from one opportunity to another, to experience the bliss of being reborn to your higher self!

There was a time in my past, when I succumbed to the effects of trauma that resulted from my own poor decision making process. Afterwards, I believed there was nothing significant that could be done to improve my lot in life. With my limited perception, a tremendous amount of doubt was cast on my ability to make a dent in my situation. The potential to create any sort of happiness was dim and fleeting in nature, as disbelief in my capacity to restore a healthy life, led to the sabotaging of all efforts put forth to heal in body, mind, and spirit.

To correct the imbalance that manifested, I had no choice but to eliminate all emotional crutches, endure the pain of withdrawal, and envision an optimistic outcome. I walked blindly into the night, while making progressive attempts to form new habits. The pessimism of negative self-talk surrounded me and temporarily crippled my perception.

I viewed my reward for good behavior as illusive and beyond reach; essentially, I discouraged my inner child and told myself, “Why try?” Any incentive I posited was viewed as unimportant compared to the immediate gratification experienced from engaging in addictive behaviors.

To remedy my situation was not an easy process, but I was determined to recover from the nightmare that had taken hold of my subconscious mind. To restore balance, I embodied the Christ consciousness, which enabled me to heal and awaken to my spiritual perfection.

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I share spiritual principles and tools to help you experience an enlightened state of awareness, to live in alignment with the integrity of your higher self. Here, you can learn about my journey toward attaining a full and complete healing. When you have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone to do the right thing when no one is looking, the life force energy within will expand, and propel you forward to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

As you awaken to your spiritual magnificence, your energy will be felt by all, and will attract the perfect and right people to support you on your spiritual journey. Through the realization that God is all that exists, you will demonstrate the reality that your good already is and has been infinitely perfect, in this eternal now moment.

The Universe conspires to help you manifest what is needed to fulfill your destiny; be it negative or positive. It follows the orders you give. The intelligence within the unified field acts by way of magnetic resonance to attract a reflection of your consciousness, to help you become aware and grow toward the light.

The field is a magnetic presence that helps to keep each intention you project in check, through internal energy signals that educate your subtle body. When sensitive to these indicators, you can assess your inner compass.

As you progress on the spiritual path, you are given the daily challenge to tap into the field when you access the still small voice from within to guide you on your journey toward experiencing a full and complete life. The wisdom of the ages is accessible to you when you choose to accept responsibility for all your creations. Everything that you think, say, and do, creates the spiritual atmosphere that attracts into your life, via the morphogenetic field, the opportunities that will assist you in fulfilling your life’s purpose. It is up to you to learn from your mistakes and to make better decisions as you proceed along the way.

Great change can occur when you make the effort to connect and communicate on a heart level. With an attitude that is pure, people listen. People trust other people who radiate energy that is in alignment with principles of integrity. Through deep sharing and vulnerability, conflicts are set aside, making it possible to connect and unite with individuals.

When you make a conscious effort to explain why you believe what you believe, bridges are built via a compassionate interchange of ideas. By using the power of intention to send a message of your desire to manifest a result that is for the highest good of all concerned, it is possible to generate harmonious relations between individuals seeking positive change.

It is time for all of humanity to look deep within the soul to pave a new path that resonates in alignment with values coherent with the highest level of truth! I challenge each and every person to take a stand on principles that support the betterment of life in these uncertain times, and to have the courage to take responsible right action toward creating a new paradigm of conscious change.

When selfless actions are taken, healing love energy builds and expands exponentially, rewarding the giver with an increase of self-esteem and happiness. As this love energy compounds, the intuition whispers it’s guidance to reveal the importance of simplicity, and how it can increase wisdom and strengthen the immune system to enable healthy relationships to blossom.

It is time to celebrate and connect with others to create a community of like-minded people, who support and inspire creative right action that leads to an upswing of personal growth. Shine your love light out through the universe to inspire humankind to enact constructive positive change.

You have the power to take charge of your destiny. What unfolds in your experience is in direct proportion to the work you do, so treat (with spiritual mind affirmations), and move your feet, surrender the outcome, and take responsibility for your own creations.

Let go and let the healing love energy of the Divine sweep the planet to create a conscious, spiritual evolution that uplifts and blesses the world!

*What will you do in service to humanity, to facilitate conscious creative change? Let the adventure begin!!!

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