It is time to celebrate and make use of the freedom you have been blessed to enjoy! This gift is a basic human right which allows you to experience your life as a conscious co-creator who has the ability to break free from mediocrity to uplift humanity to their spiritual magnificence!

Right now, humanity is experiencing a period of intense spiritual awakening! You can either ride the wave to evolve into the person you were born to become, or allow yourself to stay stagnant to live in a state of complacency, to reap a content life with no real meaning or purpose.

You deserve to break free from the chains that have kept you enslaved to your limiting subconscious beliefs. Have faith in the Divine and trust that what you need to live creatively is already done in mind. Know that your good is already manifested in the mind of God, because lack and limitation are merely a perception that colors a phase of life you are growing through.

Each person is unique and special, so there is no one way that can lead to what is believed to be happiness, delivered as spiritual enlightenment. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn more about yourself. When you accept each challenge that comes your way, you embrace personal growth, and celebrate each step along the path you have chosen to traverse.

All roads lead to the same destination of a consciousness that embraces unconditional love for all of life. Since the life force of all creation, God Almighty – or whatever name you choose to call your higher power, is everywhere present, all powerful, and all knowing, there is only one power in the universe not two, that of God and a devil.

According to scientists, energy cannot be destroyed, it just transforms. What does this mean for humanity? This means that all of humankind is one with the body of the life force energy of the intelligence of the Divine, which guides and directs your way, eternally evolving through self-responsibility, while demonstrating the “I-Am” Consciousness!

This energy of Divine Intelligence makes you want to shout out the love you were born to express and give to the world!

As the author of, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I teach how you can reprogram your subconscious mind to form new neural pathways in the brain, which will enable you to build a strong foundation to construct a life that resonates with the integrity of your higher self.

With an enhanced immune system created from positive constructive choices, life as you know it will gradually transmute into a system of enlightened neural networks that are in tune and aligned with your vision – to plant seeds of greatness!

As you step forward to fulfill your mission to live in alignment with your spiritual truth, you are freed from the boredom that has captivated your consciousness with hypnotic distractions vying for your attention. Now that you are no longer entranced, you can live your life creatively, taking steps to initiate behaviors that are for the highest good of all concerned.

In an effort to be a part of the solution, you are – no longer a part of the problem. As you progress, you understand how you fit into the scheme of things, which allows you step into a role of leadership to teach others what you know.

When you choose to emanate the role of being a compassionate leader in your own life, others will connect with the frequency of energy you so graciously exude. As a result, you will no longer feel alone and instead, you will gravitate toward fulfilling a higher purpose that helps you to live authentically and in integrity with your values.

This transformation helps you to cut through the meaningless diversions, to focus your attention on the core essence of what is important to you. When this happens, you are on your way to fulfill your destiny. The complacency that had once taken ahold of your subconscious mind has been replaced with a heightened sense of awareness and renewed feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, raising your self-confidence.

When you live an empowered life of integrity, your life can’t help but evolve to shape a better world for you and others. If you can grasp these concepts, you are truly ready to break free from a life of mediocrity.

To break free from mediocrity, facilitate conscious change:

1. Take a chance and trust in the energy of the Universe to teach the art of surrendering.
2. As you let go of the need to control your universe, you will find a deep sense of relief and calmness take over and cradle you in the arms of restful peace.
3. The moment you release the urgency to make things happen, wisdom unfolds naturally, telling a story of its own to you, the unsuspecting recipient of untold riches.
4. As the gifts of Spirit start pouring in, filling the heart vessel with vital life-affirming energy, you will be met with an overflowing wellspring of goodwill from those who resonate to your vibrational energy field.

What will you do to evolve into a better version of yourself? Will you feed your subconscious self-deprecating thoughts that can cause you to crash and burn? Or…will you rise to the occasion to appreciate all that is good in your life, to celebrate each wrinkle in your success plan? The choice is yours!

Now that you have broken free from the state of mediocrity that was crippling your creativity, how will you use your new freedom?

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