Throughout history, people have been at odds with each other, fighting for one reason or another in an attempt to right perceived wrongs. This has occurred because of a story of separation, which has perpetuated an “us versus them” mentality, exercised to prove one’s goodness to themselves and others.

The mentality of war perpetuates this separation through the myth of good and evil. The people, who believe they are on the side of good, dehumanize their enemy by making them evil, rather than seeking to understand the issues at hand to learn what is needed for a peaceful resolution.

When you seek to understand, you humanize your enemy, who also needs to strive to know both sides rather than judge the worst.

This mentality of separation is unknowingly used to solve many problems. People look for someone to blame, rather than take responsibility for the part they have played in creating the problems that have manifested. In this drama, a temporary solution is employed to overcome what is seen to be evil or “the enemy.” The old stand-by template of “find the bad guy” is used to assert dominance over others, when things aren’t going the way that is believed to be beneficial for “them,” while they attempt to defeat the problem. Force is employed to subdue the “evil ones,” to right the perceived imbalance.

This duality of thinking facilitates the demonizing of people on the “other side.” If something is done by others contrary to understanding, the immediate response is to condemn without considering why such actions were initiated in the first place. Perhaps the actions were deemed necessary because of what was perceived to be a violation of rights.

Before making “the alleged horrible people” the enemy, let go of the diagnosis that was obtained from a reactive need to blame. After taking this step back to reevaluate the situation, seek first to employ empathy to understand where the others were coming from, and then move to help resolve the conflict in the most harmonious way possible for the highest good of all concerned.

Polarization appears to be the culprit and sometimes intentional weapon that works to create opposing sides of people who become distracted from the real issues at hand. People aspire to be right to increase their self-esteem. This need to artificially inflate their sense of self urges them to fight others who are believed to be on the other side of good, doing what is perceived to be wrong. Instead of working together to find creative solutions as one big happy family, family type units separate, causing the whole to sink into despair. To solve problems in an uplifting harmonious fashion, it is vital to have some humility to give up the struggle of seeing who is right or wrong, and instead work toward a compromise to allow healing to occur.

Many people get caught up in the need to be the judge and jury of perceived wrongs. For some, the battle of good and evil becomes a way to heal wounds of self-rejection through the guise of enacting what they think is virtuous behavior. In reality, their actions are more self-serving and harmful to the innocent who suffer from the biased behavior. As a result of flawed thinking, efforts to divert attention away from personal inadequacies, only temporarily eases an inferiority complex.

To see the inherent goodness within all of humanity, contemplate the flawed nature of what it means to be human, to realize that no one is good all of the time. Mistakes are part of life. Recognize that what is seen is really a hologram, which is simply, a part of the whole. Sometimes what is judged within the self is projected onto another. The part that is judged is what needs to be healed within. In many circumstances a wrongdoer may be innocent. The only way to find out is to be open to discussion.

Remember –

• Just because someone makes a mistake, it does not render them irredeemable or without goodness.
• To better understand what another person has to go through in life, try walking a mile in their shoes before casting judgment.

Instead of panicking and passing the buck to others, it is important to look at your role in perpetuating the myth that seeks to punish the other for deeds committed.

Elements of competition have driven people to feel threatened, especially when their livelihood and financial well-being are compromised by others. The idea of competition promotes the story of separation by keeping people emotionally disconnected and focused on their irrational fears that foster worry and anxiety about the future. Their reasoning keeps them from connecting and focused on accumulating more to fill the emptiness inside, holding stuff more important than personal relationships. Thinking such as, “If you get hired, I will get fired and the more you have, the less I will have,” keeps people stuck in the lower levels of consciousness. These types of thoughts isolate and sabotage real success. What is success without the interconnection and moral support of compatible others?

This emotional distancing occurs when people fail to consider the needs of others and only fend for themselves. This mindset creates distrust and concern over certain elements of fairness that might arise over the course of any dealings with others.

Any victories that are won when dividing and conquering others will never bring about the kind of freedom that will permit each individual to live fully and completely. Amidst the appearance of seemingly having won a battle, real freedom can be elusive when enslaved by limiting beliefs and a need to protect themselves from “others.” Without the vision to see the truth written on the wall of justice, the freedom received can prevent them from feeling real happiness. They are possessed and controlled by the weak forces they seek to control.

Humans also have a tendency to see themselves as separate from nature. This misconception leads to the misappropriation of natural resources which eventually can cause the impending demise and permanent loss of these assets, as well as the extinction of certain species.

If you destroy your habitat and the biodiversity of your home, the quality of your life will be diminished. Each species has a purpose, and without this diversity, the plant and animal life will cease to flourish. In the end, the earth’s ecosystem will be disrupted to such a degree that life as you know it, will end.

Considering all of the above, to break free of limiting beliefs that stimulate competition and separation, seek to find good in others and to build them up. To break free from the automatic habits of a mindset that perpetuates a war mentality, see the spiritual perfection within your fellow humans to acknowledge the interconnection of the Divine within all life, and then take steps to reprogram your subconscious mind to establish healthy habits that promote unconditional love for all.

Is there a power outside of yourself that you need to protect yourself from? Do others possess the power you desire? Can you get power from the people in your world? Can others take away your power?

The truth is, there is no power outside of yourself. The people, places, and opportunities that manifest in your life have appeared as a result of the integrity of your consciousness. The people in your world have responded and corresponded to what you are all about. To experience freedom, let go of the need to micromanage your life, and surrender to a higher power to allow the wisdom of the intelligence of the Divine, to take care of the details. There is no need to fear a power outside of yourself because all power is within the mind of God. Cease fighting to let the law of your being create the forms and experiences that match the integrity of your higher self. You are whole, perfect, and complete, as you are God’s reflection, regardless of appearances. Your good already is present in this now moment, manifested as health, wealth, love, and success.

If you were to get caught up in judging the appearances of everything you dislike in your life, you would end up spinning your wheels in frustration, as you work to control and fix your world. Your hyper-fixation on everything that is not right, in one way or another, would stop you from being able to enjoy even the small things. This internal fight would keep you struggling to overcome a power outside of yourself, and stop you from appreciating the present moment. You would judge everything, strictly by your interpretation of each appearance.

To be free of judgement, identify with the truth of your being to tap into the spiritual perfection that lies within. Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities that can become a potential match when you choose to resonate with all that is pure and good in life. When you know that God is the only power in the Universe, you are released from the dis-empowering language that keeps you from functioning at a high level. Everything that you think, say, and do works to create your life, as you let go and let your higher power, guide and direct your way.

When you know the truth of your being, you are set free from the emotional reactions of fear, because now you are judging righteous judgement. Regardless of any facts or figures that reveal the appearance of lack or limitation, the truth is that there is only abundance, prosperity, and Divine surplus in the mind of God. If you believe what you see, you are closing yourself off from the still small voice from within and are forced to overcome, rather than allow the wisdom of your intuition, to reveal what to do, what to express.

The life force energy of all creation pervades every cell in the universe, unifying all of life. You are interconnected at the source, one with the body of God, manifested as a unique individualization of the Divine. What does this mean? This means that there is no separation, because we are all one!

The energy you choose to express, embodies the integrity of your higher self, which creates a reflection of what you are all about. Because the power of the Divine is within you, there is no need for you to fear or worry that your needs will go unmet. Recognize that there is no separation between you and all of creation, because there is only one entity, one power, and one presence that always was, always will be, and always will remain the same.

Science has proven that energy can never be destroyed. As a result, you will live forever, out-pictured as a unique expression of God. God is eternally present, all powerful and all knowing. With the assistance of your higher power, all of your needs will be met. As a result, you will be free of trying to dominate others or to get them to let you alone. All life is governed by spiritual principles that work to create order out of chaos.

Since consciousness becomes form, and your good already is manifested within every cell of your being, heaven on earth is yours in this eternal now moment!

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” you can learn more about the principles within this blog. To facilitate the healing of any illness, take the first step toward creating a coherent mindset, free from negative stress, to live in alignment with your authentic self. When your heart is in coherence, and you no longer see others as the enemy, you will not feel the desire to divide and conquer others to validate yourself through the beliefs of “I’m right and you’re wrong.” You will instead, open your heart to express unconditional love, and strive to awaken humanity to their spiritual magnificence!

What will you do to change the mentality of war to create a culture of peace?

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