What does it take to have a healthy, happy lifestyle? What is really at the core of manifesting an interesting life that stimulates your senses enough to motivate you to take action?

If you are like most people, you want to be loved and respected by your peers and family members. Real love is everywhere present! But, to experience love that is present in intimate and personal relationships, you will need to get busy in the action of expressing your uniqueness to attract the people who resonate with the integrity of what you are all about.

To enjoy a quality existence requires an inner fortitude of integrity. To build this foundation of integrity entails making all your decisions for the highest good of all concerned. When making a choice, look at your intention to discern whether your actions will be helpful or harmful if enacted.

The quality of thoughts held in your consciousness will create your world accordingly. These thoughts resonate out into the world, as a reflection of your essence, to attract to you similar energies that will help to fulfill your purpose in life.

Depending where you are at on the consciousness spectrum will determine the types of people who resonate with the vibration of energy you are emanating. If you want to spend time with people who are compassionate and kind, then it is up to you to model these character traits in your interactions with others.

If your focus is on attracting someone who can take care of you and your financial needs, but your intention is not to emotionally reciprocate, you will miss out on higher quality experiences for the sake of money. As a result, you will fail to notice important opportunities that may come your way because of your preoccupation with a false perception of wealth.

If your focus is on finding fault in others, you will fail to learn important lessons. You will maintain relationships that are no longer serving you, because of your fixation on them. If you do blame others for conditions and circumstances that have become your reality, well, you will fail to see the part you are playing in your own drama. It is up to you to be responsible for your own creations and to release others to their own experience. The only person you can ever change is yourself.

If you are stuck in a victim mentality, then your consciousness will be mired in the lower levels of consciousness where you will stay, until you choose to accept responsibility and do something about the life you have demonstrated!

Okay, so yes you are affected by the actions of others, but the people in your world are there for a reason. They are in your life to remind you of your spiritual perfection and to motivate you to see the Christ within them. When you choose to see the people in your life as a reflection of your higher self, you can love and forgive them.

Since God is all that exists, then it is important for you to treat everyone as you would want to be treated. If you choose to do this, then you will connect with the wisdom that will provide the assistance needed to live a full and rewarding life, regardless of appearances.

To attract the right and ideal people who will support you on your journey toward enlightenment, always let go and let Divine intelligence take over to reveal that which is for your highest good. When you choose to surrender to your higher power, and stop listening to the pleas of a self-absorbed ego, your life will fall into place in a synchronistic manner, materializing as grace in the eternal now moment. Because of the trust you choose to embody, your faith will pave the way for all crooked lines to be made straight, to create order out of chaos.

To step up and out of the lower end of the consciousness spectrum, it is up to you to have the courage to up-level your energy to rise above fear, worry, and anxiety. Through your courageous actions, your consciousness will uplift to the higher end of the spectrum when you give without expecting to receive, solely for the sake of blessing the world with your kindness. To facilitate this evolution of your consciousness, stand tall in the integrity of your higher self, by making the choice to do the right thing, honoring all of humanity.

As you muster the courage to transform out of dysfunction and into an empowered proactive life, focus on thoughts of gratitude, in thanksgiving for all the blessings that have manifested in your world. Gratitude neutralizes pain and concerns of the known past and unknown future.

At this time, release any thoughts that are attempting to sabotage your good, and know that no matter what happens, everything is in Divine right order. There are no mistakes in God’s world, as energy, the life force of all creation, is everywhere present! Science has proven that energy has always existed and cannot be destroyed. Energy is within every cell in the mind of God. This energy, which is the intelligence of the Divine expressed through and by means of you, is perfect in its imperfection, where mistakes are opportunities manifested to deliver a creative solution that blesses the world.

So, to have a quality life spent with the kind of people who tend to bring out the best in you, aspire to be your personal best by radiating love energy out into the Universe to attract the perfect community into your circle of influence!

Each choice you make contributes to the realization of a community whose mission is to transform society into a harmonious unit that functions optimally for the greater good. Every decision made contributes to the manifestation of a spiritual atmosphere that works to attract the people, places, and opportunities that align with your energy field. What out-pictures in your world depends on the quality of energy that emanates from you, and is felt within the hearts of the people who dare to get to know how special you are.

The lifestyle you create is built upon the integrity of your character, which is shaped by your values and virtuous behavior. Your constructive positive actions enable you to become a force to be reckoned with. The resulting light and warmth that emanates from your energy field is the source of your personal power; the more love you express, the more enlightened you become. Conversely, when you fail to give generously of your energy, your life force becomes depleted from this disconnection, and you begin to feel dis-empowered. To correct this imbalance, strive to give the highest and best of yourself, in all your interactions, in an effort to bless the world with your gifts.

Without the empowerment of your spirit, your presence will not be as appreciated or recognized, if you fail to radiate the confident persona of a person who feels good in their own skin.

If you are not consciously and deliberately directing your thought patterns through the formulation of healthy habits, your life will be an unconscious reaction to the people in your world. If you don’t reprogram your negative habitual habits, your Life will be a result of internalized programs that have taken hold within the subconscious mind. Programs such as these were established at a young age when you were in a hypnagogic state. At this time, your parents or caregivers modeled behaviors you accepted as normal, and eventually you began to enact similar patterns in your life. Because they were your first role models, you became like them, at no fault of your own.

As a consequence of this learning process, the choices you make are a direct result of the self-concept you formed in your childhood. To regain self-confidence and self-worth, you can reprogram your subconscious mind by making choices that are in integrity with your authentic self, to heal your inner child.

To know a person’s lifestyle, look at how they live, and what they have accomplished, rather than base your opinion of them on what they say about themselves. The people you choose to be in your life reflect your style and pattern of being. You select those people to help you experience yourself.

To change your life, stop concentrating your attention on others, and redirect your focus back to yourself to become conscious of the way you are choosing to live. If what you are choosing to put your energy into is not in alignment with your higher self, make a new choice and go in a new direction that matches what you are all about. The integrity of your consciousness, expressed by everything that you think, say, and do, creates a spiritual atmosphere that magnetizes the people, places, and opportunities that match the frequency of energy you are resonating. To elevate your experience, make higher quality choices. This is how you direct the law of cause and effect!

To foster change, you must actively know, and then put into action what you are picturing in your conscious mind. You influence the people in your life by what you are doing, and the way you are doing it.

What you create is a result of the opinion you have of yourself. You may want others to change, but they are a reaction to your action. The people in your life will continue to react as they do, until you alter your behavior.

All change is self-change, because others can’t do your work for you. All criticism is self-criticism, because only you know what you need to do to become happy. You must change yourself to create a new reality.

Everything that is visible is a symptom of the self. Instead of asking for people and things to fill your life, change your lifestyle.

Use thought to acknowledge your completeness, and act as though it is so.

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” you can learn more about the principles within this blog to live an enlightened spiritual lifestyle!

Remember – nothing can enter into your life that is not in harmony with your consciousness!

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