It’s time to get out of your head and into the miracle of living! There is no other time like the present to demonstrate your faith in a higher power through the love you share with everyone you meet. When you appreciate the small things and even the opportunities that manifest from mistakes made, you will witness a lightening of your energy, where stress dissipates to reveal a new level of hope that shines its light of grace upon you. The gratitude you express in your daily life will be felt by the multitudes, as energy ripples out in waves that touch the hearts of those who cross your path and beyond!

The gratitude you hold in your consciousness saves you from fear and worries that attempt to compromise your values. As you elevate your emotional state to feel a deep appreciation for each challenge that comes your way, you are set free from the perils of the unknown, because you have stepped into the perfection of what is.

If you are one of many who are having a difficult time connecting with the emotion of gratitude, I recommend doing a 20 minute meditation, where you empty your mind of all thoughts by focusing on one word. When thoughts enter your mind, turn your attention to the word you have chosen to focus on. Throughout this process, breath slowly, inhaling for a count of 5, filling your lungs with air, holding the air for a count of 5, then releasing the air for another count of 5. Repeat. Do this until you have entered into the next phase, where your brain waves have slowed down. In this phase you are not quite asleep, but are semi-conscious and able to access theta brain waves, which assist in connecting you to a state of mind where you can reprogram your brain. When in this state of mind, you can begin to feel peace, gratitude, and joy for this connection with the Divine. Anchor the feelings of gratitude felt, so you can recall them when you are fully awake.

Now, to assist you in modifying your incoherent thought patterns in your awake state, interrupt your negative self-talk to reprogram your thoughts with calming energy. When troublesome emotions begin to surface because of the attention focused on fearful and worrisome thoughts, turn your attention to the emotion you anchored when in your deep meditation. Recall this emotion and hold onto it. At this moment of recollection, send an affirmative message to your subconscious, saying that the past is gone and the future is just a dream. The only thing you can do anything about is the present moment. Focusing on things that are out of your control does nothing but waste your precious energy, which is “better spent” living a highly effective life.

It is often difficult to feel love when your focus is on doom and gloom, where you are constantly worried about the future. When preoccupied with thoughts of survival and concerns over the negative reality you have accepted as true and etched in stone, you may not be so easily swayed or convinced that a simple meditation can actually be the force that changes your reality for good.

At one time in my life, I was a doubting Thomas, and hesitated to believe in the healing nature of this subtle tool of the Divine, created to access the still small voice from within. Of all places, I actually experienced access to the calming effects of meditation in a chiropractor’s office. Okay, yes, I had meditated many times in my past, but had never needed help to heal in body, mind, and spirit since learning how to meditate. I was now under duress and disconnected from my higher self.

When in pain it is often difficult to find your way out of suffering that has almost magically appeared to teach, God knows what lesson. On my journey, I slipped into panic mode after having several traumatic things occur, and was unable to process the rite of passage I had stepped into. One particular stressful encounter became the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had healed from heavier things in my past, so this new downer was a necessary gift to process. To rise up from the ashes like a phoenix, was my path. I was the only one who could make this transition occur, but how to do it was unknown. Who could’ve guessed that a simple meditation would awaken me to a part of my higher self that I had never experienced.

So unbeknownst to me, I was about to remedy the misfortune I had succumbed to. In the doctor’s office I agreed to partake in a biofeedback treatment, which consisted of being hooked up to an EmWave machine that measured heart-rate variability. The goal of this machine was to bring my heart-rhythm patterns into coherence. Using meditation, gradually my heart rate became smooth and less erratic from this stress reducing activity. My now highly ordered heart rate contributed toward feeling emotionally balanced and connected to spirit.

During the meditative process, I let go and surrendered to a higher power. I allowed the life force energy of the Divine to take over all of my concerns, which afterwards, essentially began to dissipate. When you stop hyper-focusing on your problems, your energy is redirected to something more constructive. Relinquishing efforts to exhibit control over your destiny is a supreme vote of confidence that reveals your faith in a higher power to resolve all that is in chaos. The trust you are now demonstrating is felt within and breeds joy, knowing that you are in the arms of an intelligent, loving, omniscient power. Deep down inside you know that you will be okay, regardless of contrary appearances.

When your heart is in sync with feelings of gratitude for all that is right with your life, your immune system is enhanced to experience an overall improvement in health. The appreciation you embody enables you to step into the integrity of your higher self. As you begin to listen to the still small voice from within, you are now able to access the field of infinite potential where anything is possible. At this point, you become inspired to live your best life in this now moment.

As you embody thoughts of Gratitude, you feel appreciation for everything that manifests in your life. With it, you move forward in a state of thanksgiving knowing that your world is in Divine right order, progressing in accordance with a plan bigger than can be seen with your eyes. You realize that trusting in a higher power to guide you on the spiritual path is an extreme act of faith. As you see the perfection of the life force energy everywhere present in all of creation, this comforting reality helps you to give the more of yourself in an enlightened capacity that enables you to bless the world with your talents. In a state of joy, you demonstrate unconditional love in all your interactions, as you “act as if” what you desire is already manifested in your life.

The experience of Grace manifests in your reality when you embody faith and trust in a higher power, while you follow your moral code in a demonstration that shows you are true to your values. Each time you make a choice to feel your feelings and listen to the still small voice within, you stand in integrity, as you take the next step to do the right thing. When you listen to your higher self instead of to ego needs, you feel in alignment with all that is right with the world.

The gratitude you express in every situation opens the door to a higher level of awareness that links you to a new way of being, out-pictured as grace. As you align with the integrity of your higher self, grace permeates every cell in your body. The purity of your energy can be felt and sensed by others, as it reveals the beauty of your soul. The light you radiate from within the essence of your being is felt by everyone who crosses your path.

It is time to realize that the energy you emit from your energy body is felt by all! If you choose to be love in action, where you give the highest and best of yourself without an ulterior motive, the universe will respond and gift you with blessings that will support the creation of a new life in tune with your authentic self. The love you give will be reciprocated in ways that will surprise you. Release all expectations as to how others will give back to you, and know that spirit is in charge, and will deliver that which is for your highest good.

Now that you understand the importance of gratitude and how living with appreciation for all of life can affect you personally, love yourself and others unconditionally to love what God has created. Anything less than a complete loving acceptance of all humanity, will keep you from experiencing heaven in the garden. Why? Because – the life force energy of God is everywhere present and there is no separation between God and creation. Therefore, you and all of humankind are unique individualizations of the Divine! Only from this place of gratitude and unconditional love for yourself and others, will you reap the reward of grace!

When your heart and brain vibrate in harmony with unconditional love for all, you will experience joy and a sense of freedom that will allow your inner child to reach a new level of enlightenment and creative play. To live a highly effective spiritual life, change your perception. Step into the Christ consciousness to experience joy in the eternal now, where heaven is made manifest through practical spirituality.

When you express compassion and kindness, grace will unfold to attract a reflection of the intention held in your consciousness. As you walk upon the spiritual path of enlightenment, focus on that which is helpful and not harmful, and then take the necessary steps to realize God consciousness. …And the truth will set you free!

When you accept and love yourself the way you are, you are choosing to love what God has created and to appreciate the life you have been blessed to receive. By choosing to live in a state of gratitude, you are letting the world know that you love yourself and are deserving of God’s blessings. Only from a place of gratitude, with unconditional love for yourself and others, will you have the character to be responsibile for all that you think, say, and do to live an empowered, creative life.

Remember –

1. When anxiety and fear vie for your attention, use the power of meditation to recall “who you really are” to anchor feelings of gratitude to your subconscious mind.
2. When you employ positive self-talk to alter your habits, you change your thinking to change your life.
3. When you remind yourself of your spiritual truth, your life takes on a new meaning that blesses the world.
4. When you plant thoughts in your subconscious mind, you take the first step toward positively changing your reality.
5. When you give thanks and “act as if” you have what you truly desire, know that it is already done in the mind of God.

You can learn more about the principles shared within this blog in my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth.” Here you can access tools to support you on your spiritual journey toward enlightenment that will help you to live a highly effective, authentic life of integrity!

So, how will you put these principles into action in your life?

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