In an ideal world that I envision, I know that each person is whole, perfect, and complete in mind, body, and spirit. How is this perceived reality possible? Here lies the paradox. You are perfect in your imperfection. In the scientific realm it is now recognized in the quantum world that light energy resides within you not only as a particle, but also a wave. For example: the particle is expressed in that which is “known,” as with the manifestation of matter, and the wave is expressed in that which is “unknown,” as with the infinite possibilities that can manifest in your life. Your perfection is possible because God, or whatever name you wish to designate for your higher power, is all there is – and God is perfect! Since God, the life force energy of all creation, is all that exists in the Universe, it is understood that you are one with God. You are a unique individualization of the Divine. As you dare to live your best life now, you express the divinely inspired perfection that resides within.

As you learn how to think, it is easy to get caught up in rationalizing your thought process; to put a spin on your logic that makes everything you choose to do okay, since God is all that is with no devil to punish you. This mindset makes it convenient to manipulate conditions in your life, without fear of any repercussions; however, this type of unconscious selfish thought does reap the appropriate consequences that strive to curb compulsive needy behaviors. Universal laws reveal an intelligence that expresses energy in response to the integrity of your actions. Without the Divine Intervention of cause and effect, negativity could perpetuate. Once you discover that it hurts to put your hand in the fire, you stop!

If you happen to manifest a low energy existence, you may choose to complain and rationalize away the cause of your misfortune, blaming others for the conditions that have caused your life to turn out as it has. Since you have grown use to your current situation, it may become convenient to stay stuck, as you comfort yourself with addictive substances. In this case, negative conditions become commonplace and the norm, making it acceptable in the mind to follow the most familiar pathway. In quantum physics, this pathway is known as the path of least resistance. Instead of staying on the easiest road of dysfunctional behavior, say yes to positive constructive choices. You owe it to yourself to stray from the ordinary and get busy with the extraordinary, in the adventure of experiencing new, untapped resources waiting to be explored.

Know that what you focus on will materialize in your life, be it abundance or lack. To create the most optimal manifestation, let go of specificities and let the Divine take over to express that which is perfect for your unique purpose in life. Infinite possibilities in the quantum field are available from which to draw your ideal universe.

Everything in life that appears to be solid, including you and me, is really alive with energy and in a constant state of flux. Because we are made up of atoms composed mostly of empty space, our reality can be altered by our thought and of course, the intelligence of the Divine. And what does this mean for us? This means that we can actually rebuild our bodies with help from the grace of God, one cell at a time, to heal what seems to be broken.

Some people say that Universal laws work in the unified field without Divine intervention. Well, yes they do work, but not always with your best interests in mind, especially if you are not steering your ship. If you are allowing negative subconscious programs you acquired as a child to call the shots, what manifests in your physical reality may not always be what the doctor ordered. The thing is, even if you are steering your ship, sometimes the desire to be well can be seen by the subconscious as an unobtainable or impossible goal. If the ego does not feel deserving of your good, your desperation will sabotage your efforts and repel your good.

What do I mean by this? If you are sick and attempting to recover from a disease, letting go of your familiar safe addictive crutch is not always the easiest thing to do. When a person feels unworthy and does not believe a healing is possible, it is easy to slip back into comfortable bad habits. Your low self-esteem and lack of faith can stop you from manifesting what you so urgently need in order to experience happiness.

Oh, now I have your attention! So, how do you fix a low self-esteem to turn things around? How do you heal yourself to once again believe that Divine Intelligence is alive and well and has not abandoned you? First of all, to experience a total and complete healing in a quantum world, positive thinking is not enough. When sick, an underlying belief system held with a preconceived notion that it is impossible to ever be healed, can make a person feel utterly powerless over problems created and in much need of some Divine Intervention to save the day! Only when you surrender to a higher power and decide to commit to helping others by being a role model of these principles will you be able to gather enough strength to overcome the challenges you created. After you take just one baby step toward healing, the love energy within you will grow by leaps and bounds, to change your life forever.

If you refuse to accept the dire notion of hell as punishment for so-called sins committed semi-innocently in an attempt to better yourself, you can take back your power to do something about the problems you have created. In this now moment, you can consciously collaborate with source energy to live a highly effective life honoring all of creation. With the intelligence of the Divine working in partnership to heal and support you in your transition to live in harmony with nature, you will regain momentum to achieve wellness in healthy and balanced ways. Today is “your” opportunity to manifest a new life in the field of infinite possibilities by transforming your body into a light vehicle for spiritual change.

When you accept the opportunity to be of service to the world, you become part of the solution, and are no longer a part of the problem. Acts of kindness and compassion toward others pave the way to experience grace and achieve a healthy self-esteem. All it takes to set this healing energy in motion is to plant the first seed of your desire to be a role model for others in an effort to bless humanity. To spread your benevolent message to the world, make a decision to love yourself, because if you don’t, no one will. Okay, some people will love you no matter what; but when you love yourself, others will start to resonate with the conscious, positive, creative energy you now exude and will want to include you in their tribe of compatible others to spend quality time with you.

To love the perfection that God has created, take back your power by taking a quantum leap of faith to live in the “I am” consciousness, in the state of being where you “act as if” you have your needs already met. From this spiritual perspective, grace can be the internal guide that shifts you toward manifesting a better world for all!

When you make the decision to direct the conscious mind toward constructive change, your focus causes the collapse of a thought wave to bring your new positive reality into existence. You are not stuck with the body you have let mindlessly deteriorate. With one quantum leap your world changes, manifesting an energized healthier body in the field of infinite possibilities. Take a leap of faith and live courageously! Know that what you see can be changed…

In my late teens I experienced several traumatic experiences. Subsequently, I believed I would never heal. After developing a more in-depth understanding of energy, I became very inquisitive and hoped a solution lay in the books I gravitated toward. Thankfully, I was introduced to a book on quantum physics in the early 80s, which helped me to bridge science and spirituality to transform into the person I am today.

To facilitate the healing process, I pieced together a plan to test what I had learned, as I was a pioneer, and there was no one available to tell me if I was going in the right direction. Step-by-step I applied the principles I learned to realize my spiritual perfection in the mind of God. I put my new way of thinking into action, as an experiment, to demonstrate what I believed could create a new me from within the field of pure potentiality. What I perceived to be a viable option proved to be true. Today, many new thought leaders, doctors, and quantum physicists are teaching similar principles to the multitudes.

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I teach how you too can take a quantum leap into the field to realize your full potential. Let go and let God guide you on your path to discover how you can live an authentic virtuous life of integrity. It is time to walk your talk to experience heaven on earth in the quantum universe!!!

So, how will you apply these concepts in your life?

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