You are one with the body of God, the life force energy of all creation. You are a miracle, just being in existence! When you choose to have faith in the Divine to guide and direct your way, you manifest exactly what you need at the right and ideal times. Because you are trusting in a higher power, your consciousness is opened to receive the wisdom that is perfect for you to live in healthy and balanced ways.

When you live in the integrity of your higher self, you open yourself up to enlightenment! You become a channel for the Divine to magnetize all that is good into your life. As you begin to give the highest and best of yourself to world, you begin to reap the reward of grace. This grace manifests as a result of the faith you have demonstrated, when trusting that spirit will provide the right and ideal experiences to create the perfect energy body.

Miracles happen within an intelligent quantum field of energy that is interconnected with all of life. This unified field of energy is one with the essence of the Divine. You are one with this essence because God is all that exists. In this field there is the potential for an unlimited number of outcomes, which all depend upon the integrity of your choices. What out-pictures in your life is up to you! So, live a virtuous life to manifest the best version of you, in the field of infinite possibilities!!!

You can magnetize a new reality that aligns with your core vision when you have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone to form constructive habits. These new positive healthy habits will help you to break free from the low self-image that is keeping you stuck in self-destructive behavior. To facilitate change, mirror neurons fire and rewire your brain when you observe successful people in action, enabling you to rehearse and learn healthy habits as if you are actually performing the actions observed, helping you to create a happy life. As you make efforts to model these behaviors, you begin the process of retraining your brain to establish a new lifestyle that is in alignment with your truth.

To assist you in this transformational process of letting miracles become an everyday occurrence, take whatever time is needed to obtain a healthy balance within every area of your life. It is especially important to live in integrity with your authentic self. To support you in your efforts to live in alignment with your values, interact with a compatible support group, read educational books that teach you what you need to learn, and nourish your energy body by eating nutrient rich, high density foods that can rebuild every cell in your body. Each kindness you enact either toward yourself or others, works to create a foundation of integrity that will support you throughout your life. The love you express tells the Divine that you are truly honoring the Christ consciousness within all of mankind!

Everything that you think, say, and do, works to attract to you, a reflection of the quality of energy you have expressed. If your intentions are to bless the world, the universe will reward with the experience of grace that out-pictures as a healthy, happy successful life. If for some reason you become ill and traumatized, and are unable to recover without some sort of Divine intervention, every kindness you express builds healing love energy to uplift you out of sickness and into the realization of wellness. The love you give creates a spiritual atmosphere of belief known as the morphogenetic field that draws to you the perfect and right solutions to remedy all your concerns!

Science has revealed that morphogenetic fields, also known as M-fields, function to organize energy in the unseen world. The current world views are shaped by these fields. These fields weave patterns of energy that take the shape of the current level of understanding. For instance, once upon a time when people accepted that the world was flat, no one dared to set sail beyond the horizon. Then, after courageous sailors proved this belief to be false, a new m-field was formed showing that the world is round. Now ships are no longer afraid to sail across the ocean blue to adventure far and wide! It is time for you to set your new m-field! Take back your power and reset your biological time-clock. Your miracle is waiting to manifest and can become your reality when you choose to bypass the current limiting beliefs that are working to sabotage your good from materializing…

To heal in body, mind, and spirit, have faith and know that with God all things are possible. Recognize that when you trust in a higher power and release all concerns of healing to the Divine, you are setting the stage to be reborn unto the Christ Consciousness to manifest a new you! Each positive choice you make works to build psychic healing love energy within every cell in your body. This love energy builds a new foundation, strong enough to weather any storm. Because you surrendered your will to a higher power, your new mindset of enlightened positivity raises your vibration to experience a higher frequency of energy that is free of fear, worry, and anxiety. As you embrace feelings of gratitude, any remaining negativity is neutralized, and all that remains is unconditional love for humanity!

Love energy is contagious and works to gravitate the perfect opportunities that match the integrity of your higher self. When in tune with your higher purpose, you can channel your energy to the station that resonates with your core values. The energy of the Christ Consciousness is within every cell in your being. When you choose to honor and respect all of God’s creation, you are truly, loving God and – You! You are an individualization of the Divine, perfect in every way, regardless of appearances. When you can accept yourself as you are, you have taken the first step toward living true to your God given potential, to bless the world with your unique and special gifts.

When you turn your life over to God, surrendering the desperate need to use willpower to obtain what the ego wants, miracles happen. What the ego desires may not always be what is for your highest good and could be detrimental to your personal well-being. If you listen to the still small voice from within instead of to the wishes of an insecure egoic voice, you can be guided in the most optimal direction that will benefit all concerned. To heal an addiction you must release all expectations to obtain a healing, and surrender to the wisdom of a higher power. A spiritual revelation occurs when you begin to understand that the pull of any addiction is powerless over God. Because God is all-powerful, the addiction is neutralized. When God is in charge, the addiction dissipates!

  • Allow the miraculous to emerge – Release your need to control and allow the energy of the Divine to express through and by means of your uniqueness. You are not here to make anything happen; however, you are here to embody the divinity of the Christ through everything that you think, say, and do. As you let universal intelligence unfold as you and take form in the right and ideal manner in your life, the miraculous materializes and becomes the norm. This is where miracles occur in the daily lives of regular people, blessing everyone with the experience of unconditional love.

I am a walking miracle! Put these spiritual principles into action and you will be too. Miracles are not only for those who might appear to be special and/or saintly. Miracles are a blessing for everyone to access, if you just make an effort to put practical spirituality into action. Spirit, God, Goddess, the Divine Godhead, whatever you want to call this intelligence of love, wants you to exemplify happiness to become an enlightened being that is able to experience self-actualization and self-realization.

Jesus told people to go and heal the sick. He helped people realize that miracles can be a daily occurrence! He taught people to use their power to take positive right action toward accomplishing their goals of health and healing. Unconditional love moved him into action, and blessed us with a more harmonious way to live.

  • To rise up out of the ashes and into personal wellness, you must understand that you will have to let go of what “you believe” will make you happy. Doing this may be difficult, but it is the only way to move out of the state of desperation that you have found yourself in. The ego believes that acquiring what is desired is necessary for happiness. When you release the object you are desperate to possess and allow the Divine to attract to you what is right and perfect for you, miracles will begin to change the shape of your world.
  • See any situation that comes to you as a gift from God. Embrace your foe and he will not see you as a threat. If he does, have no fear, because even if you are hurt, it is an illusion in that in death you are reborn to eternal life because energy never dies. This is the space in which miracles occur, where the Divine does a spiritual intervention!

Remember, when you hurt your neighbor, you are hurting yourself most of all. Don’t let fear motivate you to take advantage of others just to satisfy ego needs that are artificial, to say the least. When grounded in personal integrity, your real emotional needs will surface to assist you in living true to your higher self. If you are unattached in the spiritual sense to what life brings upon you, it is easier to rise above crippling fear and to replace it with the courage to do the right thing. As you let go and release your need to control, you will demonstrate a higher level of consciousness. Recognizing that you are interconnected with all of life, energetically and ethereally, blesses everyone with thoughts of kindness and compassion.

This is a time of great spiritual awakening here on Mother Earth, where the out-picturing of miracles can be, and often are, a common occurrence. When you let go and allow the Divine to run your life, leaving all concerns at heaven’s doorstep, miracles can happen on a regular basis. When faith is restored and courage becomes a vehicle of change, steps can be taken to confront uncomfortable emotions. Healing perceptions of lack and limitation can assist in reprogramming subconscious beliefs, which oftentimes sabotage personal growth. You can gather together with friends and family to celebrate and rejoice in your perfection. Let the people in your life know that you are right where you are supposed to be, experiencing life in accordance with a Divine plan that honors your unique expression. As you travel upon the spiritual path, you learn the importance of uniting together for the good of all humankind to bless the planet.

In conclusion:
• The kingdom of heaven is within.
• God is the only power in the Universe, meaning that the devil as a power does not exist; the devil is a figment of the imagination and not a part of man’s reality.
• The experience of heaven is achieved through grace, earned from living a virtuous life.
• Miracles can be an everyday occurrence when living the Christ Consciousness.
• There is a spiritual atmosphere in the Universe known as the morphogenetic field that works to attract into your life that which you hold your attention on.
• “Psychic Healing Love Energy” grows when you choose to love what God has created.
• Now is the only time there is; when focused on the worries and fears of the past or future you are missing out on and distracted from the good that is in front of you.
• The expression of good and evil are merely a reflection of where you are on the Spectrum of Consciousness.
• The science of Epigenetics has shown us that by changing our environment and external circumstances, our cell membranes will be impacted positively or negatively depending on our choices.
• As it says in the Bible, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.” In other words, if you have faith even when all hope is gone, with God anything and everything is possible, including healing the impossible.

With quantum attraction, I see miracles manifesting daily in the lives of everyday people. Know this to be true for yourself! In my book, The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth, you will begin to understand just how to transcend your situation into heaven on earth. You are not trapped in your current situation unless you fail to recognize your potential. Accept the good that abounds and know that you too are loved. Decide to live a virtuous life and grace will fill your heart with unconditional love for all!

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