A popular saying these days is “Your vibe attracts your tribe!” I have thought about this concept since I was a young girl. I wanted to be liked and read many personal development books in my early teens in an effort to understand and learn how to connect with people in a genuine manner. One of my favorite books was, “How to Win Friends and Influence people,” by Dale Carnegie. This book changed my life. It helped me to totally change my personality. When I was in elementary school, I had been a wall flower. After reading this book, I became extremely extroverted and outgoing. I became so excited about life and I’m happy to say, very optimistic about my future. This was the beginning of my journey, which had many ups and downs. Because I had been a bit of a loner as a child, communicating easily with others didn’t happen overnight. However, I did have hope and my self-confidence was developing.

Growing up the oldest of eight children worked to help me in many ways, but on the other hand, I also learned some bad habits that had to be undone. How to Win Friends and Influence People helped me to change on subtle levels. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was unconsciously, reprogramming my subconscious mind. After reading the book, I worked to put into action the things I learned.

1. I learned to implement self-control and made efforts not to criticize, condemn, or to complain. I became very forgiving of others.
2. I gave sincere complements and always thanked people by expressing my gratitude and appreciation.
3. I made a point to remember the names of people I spoke to, to make them feel important and special.
4. I made eye contact with people and asked them questions to make them feel valued. I showed genuine interest in everything they had to say, and encouraged them to talk about themselves.
5. I made an effort to exude Charm and good manners. My social skills were not always perfect, but I was still a work in progress.
6. I acknowledged my mistakes, tried not to make excuses, and apologized for my indiscretions. I took responsibility for my actions to the best of my ability.
7. I avoided arguments. If I disagreed with someone, I looked for some common ground to communicate and build trust.
8. Instead of persuading others to believe in me, I approached them with a suggestion that helped to plants a seed that would show them the wisdom of my proposed ideas to help them make an informed decision.
9. I learned to Smile more and often. By knowing names, using praise, and showing interest in others, these positive thoughtful habits all helped to build trust and to make the people in my life feel valued, important, and special.

Although not discussed in the book, it is important to look at your intention as to why you choose to do something. A smile or a thoughtful action is a good thing, but it becomes a not so good thing, when you are not genuinely feeling concern for others. If you are smiling or doing something with an ulterior motive to falsely convince others of sincerity that is nonexistent, your reward will be small. Your intention must be pure in all your interactions. If it is not, then you need to reassess and change plans; essentially, you must not do the intended tainted, indecent act that leads to the taking advantage of the innocent.

I realized at a young age that everyone wants the same thing. We all want to be liked, listened to, and cared about in an authentic way.

The tools in How to Win Friends and Influence People were all good. The book was truly a blessing and inspired me to dive deeper into learning more about human nature and personality development.

As I grew older, new challenges presented themselves to me, and I did the best I could with my limited knowledge. Unfortunately, I began to unintentionally compromise my values.

To prevent the negative things that would eventually wreak havoc on my life, would prove futile. I was unequipped and unable to deal with the many unusual problems that would in the end, break my spirit. Perhaps if I had had a better support system in place, my problematic future might possibly have been impeded. To circumvent the things that manifested required more maturity than I had possessed. What I really needed was to comprehend life at a deeper level, to understand cause and effect, and how our actions affect our reality, especially when making choices that could be harmful in some way in the future. Needless to say, I faced what occurred head on and did my best to recover, and in time healed. You can learn more about my spiritual journey and the process of how I recovered in my book, “The spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth.”

I made some poor choices in my early years that I’m not very proud of. These choices were made to fix certain conditions that I believed were necessary to make my life better. I compartmentalized my thinking to cope with the new stresses that emerged, after emotionally disconnecting from wanting to become a Catholic Nun at the age of 14…Long story!

Needless to say, as a result, I was emotionally confused and on the verge of a deep depression that would play out a year after graduating from high school. Throughout high school I attempted to attain a heightened level of emotional intelligence to help me develop healthy relationships. At the time, I could see no other way but to exert my will power to create a happy life – I manifested an eating disorder to cope with the pressures that began to mount. I felt powerless! There was an underlying sense of urgency, where I thought that I had no other alternatives. I felt God would forgive me for whatever I chose to do. I manipulated conditions, instead of trusting in a higher power in an attempt to control my destiny.

If I had listened to the still small voice within, I would have created a world that matched the integrity of my consciousness. I didn’t understand this concept as I had always been taught that God was in heaven somewhere up in the sky, and not working through and by means of each and every one of us as an expression of energy.

The important thing to take away here is that when you don’t live an authentic virtuous life of integrity, what you manifest will not be what the doctor ordered. What you create will work to sabotage your reality when you are not living in alignment with your core values. Thoughts truly do become things, so be careful what you focus your attention on. Your consciousness will become form to show the world exactly what kind of person you really are! When this happens, the perfect people who resonate with either your high or low energy will materialize in your experience, to help you to fulfill your destiny!!!

To create positive uplifting energy, that will attract the right and ideal people into your life, make all your choices with an intention to bless the world. Whatever decisions you make, be sure that the actions you take are done for the highest good of all concerned! When your focus is on “how can I serve” rather than “what can I get,” you are on the right track. The more you give to others, the more your life will be blessed with an outpouring of love and happiness!

What is it about energy that attracts certain people into your life? Have you ever noticed how some people can make you feel drained and weak, while others make you excited and happy whenever you are in there presence? This phenomenon is not so strange, in that, what you are experiencing is a result of a person’s integrity and their desire to make others feel special and important. So, keep in mind that the vibrational frequency of energy others feel when in your presence, gives them a clue as to what kind of person you are. When you choose to live your life in healthy and balanced ways, doing those things that are helpful and not harmful to others, the world will respond to the quality of your energy to reward you with a vibrational match in consciousness, to support you in your efforts to celebrate your uniqueness!

This topic of “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe,” is really powerful as who doesn’t want to attract the right and ideal friends who will support and love you just the way you are! The concept that your vibration will attract the perfect people to be in your life feels almost magical. Making friends can be challenging, especially if feelings of insecurity plague your existence with doubt about your own value to the world. You will do yourself a favor to get your focus off the negative perceptions you hold about yourself, and instead put your attention on all that is right with yourself and the world.

So who are you really? Think about this for just a moment to put your life in perspective. What is important to you? So, in other words, what do you value and truly care about?

Take a moment to picture in your mind’s eye, what your future will hold for you in the next year…five years, and so on. What does your future look like? Who will you spend time with and what will you be doing? Now make a list from one to ten, with one being the most important. Write down the characteristics of the people you desire to spend time with. This will help you to assess what is most important to you and to aid you in making decisions that will align with your core values, so as not to compromise your integrity. Remember, this list is just a guide, not necessarily set in stone.

When you know more about the people in your world, you will know who is the most compatible to you. How will you find out about them? Ask questions and show genuine interest in what they have to say. Pay attention to their body language. Do they ask you questions and are they genuinely interested in what you have to say?

Next, ask them to tell you about the ten most important things they value in a friend or significant other. You can also ask them what they value most in life. What they say can give you an idea about the type of person they really are. If they are in alignment with who you are, they will probably state similar values. If the first thing they say is, I want to be rich…perhaps they don’t understand the question.

If you want to know the core values of a potential husband or wife, remind them to tell you what they value in order of importance. If say, spirituality is your number one, and they didn’t even list it, you might want to reconsider marrying them. Maybe you could ask them to think about it and get back to you with their answers.
One of the key things I want you to realize is that regardless of what materializes in your life, whatever appears is perfect and right for you. Release all fear, and recognize that what has manifested has been attracted to you to either motivate you to love yourself and take action or for you to see that you are going in the right direction and to enjoy what has out-pictured in your reality!

Okay, now it’s time to look deep within to connect with what matters most to you. To uncover your own unique purpose for living ask yourself, “What do I regret not having accomplished in my life so far, and why? To facilitate the demonstration of your purpose, write in down, and state why it is important to you. You must feel emotionally connected to your purpose to bring it into fruition and believe in your ability to make it happen. To accomplish your purpose, use visualization to picture the steps necessary to assure that it will come into manifestation. Write a mission statement to tell the world what needs to be done and why, to fulfill your purpose. What you choose to do should align with the integrity of your higher self!

How does knowing your purpose affect who you will attract into your life? Knowing your purpose will help you to qualify the people you will choose to allow into your inner circle. Choose people to join your core tribe members who support your vision, and resonate with your purpose and mission to assist you in staying in integrity with your higher self. In addition, choose people who walk their talk and are not just saying what you want to hear. Anyone and everyone is worthy to be in your life – in that everyone is a child of God, but you only have so many minutes in the day to allocate to certain individuals who are in alignment with your truth.

To attract loving and supportive people, make a choice to love your neighbor as yourself each and every day. When you step into the integrity of your authentic-ness, the people that resonate with the energy you are expressing will gravitate toward you to bless your life. There is that within you that knows what to do and when to do it, so forgive yourself when you make a mistake and know that what has occurred is perfect in the scheme of things. What you attract into your reality is helping you to grow to become a healing force that will help to guide humanity toward living true to the integrity of their being. You are a way-shower! Get busy and surrender to the process. Let go of what you think you should be doing and allow spirit to guide you on your journey to experience the greater good that is waiting to be expressed through and by means of you.

Let go of any false sense of security that is stifling your creativity. Allow your creativity to express through your gifts that are there for a reason. You are unique and special. There is no one like you. Release all expectations of how your unique and special talents will manifest in your life to allow the wisdom from your higher truth to pour forth to deliver a message of freedom for all to partake in. In this blank slate that surrenders to spirit is a message just waiting to be born and shared to all who connect with your essence.

Rise up and walk, to be born again to your spiritual wisdom. Take a moment to connect to your inner truth, and then get busy in the action of demonstrating the action steps for all to model who are ready for the journey. This is your spiritual path, and a way for you to create heaven on earth once you have made the decision to embody spiritual principles. When you decide to take action, the truth will be revealed. Through experiential knowledge you will remember why you are here and know your higher purpose that is waiting to be born into existence in this now moment.

The Intelligence of each cell within your being is attracting energy that resonates in harmony with the quality of the vibrations expressed. Your cells emit a vibrational frequency that sends out signals throughout the universe to those who are ready to join you on your journey. The energy of the integrity you choose to demonstrate pulls in similar frequencies into its field to experience the expanding nature of this love that God is. You can’t escape the karma of your actions. Your choices create a spiritual atmosphere that surrounds you to attract the right people and opportunities that will manifest in your reality!

Have faith and know that everything in your life is in Divine right order. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, so let go and let your higher power lead the way to experience your personal best. Your life is one with the body of God! You are an individualization of the Divine. So, knowing this, surrender to the creative process and allow your energy to be used as an instrument for good to give your highest and best self to humankind.

Yes, you can join clubs and interact with people who display similar interests, but keep in mind the importance of connecting with people who are truly living an authentic virtuous life of integrity. Those people who live in alignment with your core values will become your support system and will help you to have more fun in your life. With compatible soul sisters and brothers, your hearts will feel warmed and comforted from feeling understood and appreciated for your similarities. In this spiritual Universe, your vibes do indeed attract your tribe!

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