Don’t let your thoughts fool you! What you see in your mind’s eye is a reflection of your essence that has shaped the world around you. The person you are today has become a power for either good, or has fallen prey to negative forces perpetuating feelings of victimization. So-called evil forces are the excuses given for not living true to your authentic self, which knows the importance of being accountable for all you create. Having the courage to take action in a responsible manner, even when the chips are down, is crucial to being able to pull yourself up by your boot straps to live in a state of integrity.

When living in integrity with your higher self, you have made a decision to align with that which is true and good, rather than side with unethical conspirators in search of happiness that is fleeting. You have chosen to use your power for good in service to humanity by choosing to do that which is helpful and not harmful in healthy and balanced ways. Each choice you make to honor the Christ within the people in your world instills trust in their hearts, enabling them to live enlightened authentic lives. The courage you display when standing up for what is right, demonstrates to the world, the integrity of your consciousness. Your courage has made it possible for you to step out of victimization, and to rise up from the depths of despair, and into an empowered life capable of manifesting success.

If you build your life foundation on the strength of virtuous Truths rather than on false concepts that are self-serving, healing love energy will carry you through all of life’s challenges to triumph over adversity. True power is representative in stillness and non-reactivity, when facing an attack on one’s character or abuse of any kind. It takes courage to communicate from a place of compassion and kindness, without stooping down to the other person’s level of contempt and disrespect. Only from a place of unconditional love, where a person recognizes the true spiritual nature within others, can real pure honest communication occur. It is up to you to walk your talk as a role model for others. To do this, make all your choices in tune with the integrity of your higher self.

If you decide to use force to create your world, you will not be satisfied with the results. When stuck in the lower energies of the spectrum of consciousness, it is not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can become comfortable to stay in a place that is familiar and doesn’t require much energy to maintain. However, unfortunately, the longer you stay there, the less energy you will have, and the lower you will sink on the spectrum. The result, well, once you drop below courage you step into pride, dropping again lower to anger, and again to desire, and then progressively lower tier by tier from fear to grief, apathy, guilt, and finally to shame. You don’t need to stay stuck in any one of these lower levels. At the lowest level there is only one way, and that is up. At this place you must choose life or death.

What would enable a person to choose life? Well, they must want to live. But, what would make them want to live?  I think they would want to live if they could experience God as love in action; then they would feel connected to something greater than their worldly existence. Think about this…What if you were self-destructive as a result of being unable to feel an emotional connection with God because of a personal trauma; but, one day you woke up feeling totally at one with God in a state of bliss! Now that you are feeling a connection with the Divine, would you be motivated to change your self-indulgent behaviors? I think you would, especially since you now have a reason for living!

So, how can you experience the love of God in action? You can experience this love when you choose to do the right thing for reasons other than to glorify your own self-hood, and instead, choose to be of service to humanity. In this selfless act of giving to others for the greater good, you become a role model who chooses to inspire humankind to love and respect all of God’s creation. When selfish behavior is successfully modified, grace is a spiritual by product that rewards with an out-picturing of self-confidence and an enhanced sense of self-esteem.

It takes a leap of faith to trust in a higher power to deliver the love energy desired. When love feels nonexistent in your life, you may want to listen to the devil’s advocate on your shoulder who is vying for your attention. When in pain, you know that your favorite drug of choice will numb it; while on the other hand, there is no promise of happiness if you forgo your tried and true, go to habit. The temptation to sabotage your good is a regular visitor. It is up to you to say no, and to believe that you deserve the blessings of a happy life.

Without a connection to the Divine, the ego will work to control your destiny. For instance, when you get the urge to indulge in your favorite vehicle of comfort, your ego may intervene and accept the challenge to do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening. Through sheer will power, the ego will use force to control your negative habits, even if that means dissing those who accidentally get in the way of your perceived happiness. If you allow this to happen, you will step out of the integrity of your authentic self as you manipulate and control others to do your bidding.

When you finally allow the Divine to step in, good things begin to happen; you surrender to God and allow love energy to create a world that is a reflection of the good you express. The love you embody elevates your energy to a higher vibration, and allows you to take back your power to become the person you were meant to become, regardless of appearances.

If you discover that you are unwell, love can be the key to facilitating a healing. If you can feel an inkling of healing love energy from the kindness of loved ones or even caregivers, you will remember who you are, and will not feel abandoned by the Divine. A memory of this love energy makes it easier to stand the pain when you forgo your drug of choice. From this place of power, love energy grows, enabling you to make a new choice that is of a higher vibration.

When you have faith in the life force energy of an all-powerful God, there is nothing to fear. All is in Divine order, and all needs will be met! If you choose life, and opt not to indulge in instant gratification, you will ultimately experience hope and a revelation that fills you with a trickle of love energy. As a reward, grace will fill your heart. In this moment you will feel that all is well with the world. When you Love what God has created, your life will be elevated up to the higher levels of enlightenment!

To gain a healing in healthy and balanced ways has always been at your finger-tips, and is your spiritual truth. Because energy can’t be destroyed, it always was and always will be. Sound familiar? Since God is all that exists, God is the energy within every cell in your body. What does this mean? This means that the form you are in will change throughout eternity, but you will never really die. Because you are one with God, the perfection that God is, is reflected within every ounce of your being. Your good already is a unique and perfect expression in the mind on God.

So, if your good already is manifested in the here and now, why would you use force to fulfill your destiny? You might use force because of insecurities that seem overwhelming and beyond your control. To improve your life, you may believe that steps must be taken to create positive change. You may feel convinced that you will not be loved unless you correct these imbalances. The key to realizing the good that is truly yours is to live a virtuous life. You must love yourself to experience happiness, whether you improve yourself or not. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to improve yourself; but, if you don’t love yourself, then your energy field will weaken to ultimately cause you to lose what you have. If you don’t take care of yourself, your body will deteriorate. You only have the one body you were born with in this lifetime, so nurture every ounce of your being.

When you use force to manipulate circumstances to obtain an object of your obsession, you will be disappointed, because what you receive will fail to satiate your selfish needs. If an intention of coercion is held in mind with thoughts that are not in alignment with moral values, long term feel good chemicals will fail to develop, and instead, the resulting negativity will create a low frequency of energy that will result in poor self-esteem. All negative manipulation affects your subtle energy body, and in turn sabotages future success, dampening your overall holistic wellness. When out of balance in body, mind, and spirit, no amount of stuff can remedy the poor self-image that results from failing to live an ethical, virtuous life. To bring harmony to the dis-ease that has resulted, conscious creation must take place to transform the subconscious that has become addicted to an instant gratification lifestyle.

Force is often exercised when people are afraid that their needs won’t be met in some way. Fear is a negative motivating factor that triggers worry and anxiety about the known and unknown. When hyper-focusing on unrealistic concerns, fear, worry, and anxiety can vie for your attention, making it difficult to live a healthy, balanced life. If your consciousness is focused on what you don’t have, then your thoughts of lack and limitation will create a general dissatisfaction with what is received.

It is important to remember that lower levels of consciousness are an out-picturing of an imbalance manifested as a result of bad habits unknowingly ingrained into your subconscious mind. Know that you can do something about your negative state of mind and the energy you choose to express. When you have faith in a higher power, you build healing love energy to be reborn into a new you from the infinite field of possibilities. When you choose to say no to bad behaviors, you rewrite your mental blueprint to create a new reality that is in alignment with your higher self. If you continue to feel like a victim, this state is only temporary. When ready, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to take back your power to rise up from your pity party to live in integrity with your higher self.

Accept the challenge to become your personal best. Step into your power to live a charmed life of grace. When you focus on what is right with everything in your world, thoughts of gratitude will flood your consciousness to create a life filled with joy and happiness. What you focus on becomes your reality, so practice being mindful to express your appreciation for the good that is yours in this present moment. Use your energy to move forward in a creative fashion to manifest goals that support awakening to your spiritual magnificence!

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I share how I was able to take back my power after giving it away in a relationship that was co-dependent. At first I failed to understand the power dynamic and how it was sabotaging my relationship. I would have saved myself heartache if I had demonstrated the courage necessary to separate from this destructive relationship. If I had left this person at the first sign of abuse, I would have helped both of us to live a better life; whether we ended up together or apart. Over time, I learned to be non-confrontational and to show gratitude for everything he contributed, rather than allow my ego to react defensively any time a negative behavior was experienced. Needless to say, I enabled his behavior by failing to leave. I subconsciously believed that I was doing the right thing by staying.

Oftentimes it is difficult to realize that a power shift has even happened, and when you finally do recognize this crucial element, you are blinded and unable to process what has occurred. You want to blame yourself and give the other person a pass. This gives the abusive person permission to continue their dysfunctional behaviors.

If you would like to take back your power to break free from co-dependent relationships that are hurting both you and the person you are enabling, persecuting, or rescuing, and – learn more about the other concepts within this blog, you can find answers within the pages of my book. To purchase it, you can click on the “Buy the Book” tab at the top right corner of this page.

Today is your opportunity to channel your energy for good! It is time to awaken to your higher self to live an authentic virtuous life of integrity. Have the courage to stand up for what is right, and then…move into action to teach the people in your world how to treat you!

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