What does it mean to be spiritual? Is being spiritual different from being religious, and if so how? Well, yes, being spiritual is different from being religious – but, in actuality, it is inherently the same. You might say that it doesn’t matter if you are spiritual or religious; both are interested in strengthening a connection to the almighty, the source of all creation, to demonstrate love for the life force within all that exists.

The problem I see with religion is that it can create rifts in relationships, from a sense of separation, because of beliefs accepted to be true that clash with other organized religions who believe something totally different about the creator of all life. Ignorance is bliss, and an unaware consciousness can perpetuate a religious myth when swallowed hook, line, and sinker by much of humanity, dividing and conquering because of the ego’s need to be right as a member of what it perceives to be the one and only religion!

The truth is, as a religious person, you bought the bill of goods sold to you by the established culture of religion that indoctrinated your family into its spiritual story. Your acceptance of this story becomes problematic when the religion that has sworn to teach you how to live an ethical compassionate life, teaches you that other teachings are cults, filled with people who are sinful, evil, or lost because they do not accept your God as their Lord and savior.

If you are a spiritual person, you accept all people in the Universe as your brothers and sisters. You do not judge others as being less than you, as is done in “I-It” relationships. Instead, you choose to honor and respect all of mankind with an “I-Thou” mentality. You know that Divine Intelligence is the life force energy within all of life, and that there is no separation between you and the body of God. With this understanding, you recognize that if you harm anyone in any way, you are actually hurting yourself.

As a spiritual person, you try your best to model the virtues in all that you think, say, and do to bless the world. You don’t follow a set of rules made by a church. You instead go directly to the source to access guidance from the still small voice within to learn how to live an authentic life of integrity. You study spiritual principles to understand practical spirituality and work toward understanding science to honor, respect, and nurture mother earth, which is the embodiment of life force energy. As you travel on the spiritual path, you learn to trust your moral compass over dogma that has been handed down throughout the centuries by men claiming to be divinely inspired by God.

Today many people feel inspired by the Divine, as do I when I write my messages to help others. In my gut, I feel that the individuals who wrote the bible and other holy books from days gone by were similarly inspired by God, to tell the stories of holy teachers like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed who impacted humanity positively through their words and good works. In other words, spiritual teachers are all striving to enlighten humanity in one way or another, to the best of their abilities. Some were more connected to communicating better than others. The point is, each taught differently but with a similar intent.

Is one teacher better than another or the true savior? In my opinion, no spiritual teacher is better in the eyes of the Divine. The tenants of teaching can be flawed, but the main concern is that the only power that exists is the one life force energy that can never die. If teaching claims that there is another power out there in the Universe like a devil or evil spirits, how can this be possible? Because God, source energy, is everywhere present and the only power in the Universe, then a power separate from God like the devil cannot exist.

Negative versus positive and good versus evil are expressions of energy that work to show you if you are in balance on the spectrum of consciousness. If you are out of balance, your resulting unhappiness can be fixed by taking action to reprogram and rewire your brain to demonstrate a spiritual life of integrity. When you establish healthy habits, you will attract blessings and an enlightened consciousness! So from what I can see, the devil is not a part of the equation and is merely used in religion to put the fear of God into humankind to motivate their flock into doing the right thing.

Well, what if what I am saying is wrong? I mean who am I to declare such profound statements to you or anyone else? If I am wrong, then guess what? The only thing you need to do to protect yourself is to make sure that everything you think, say, and do is done for the highest good of all concerned. If you do this, then you will be protected. As long as your intent is to bless the world in one way or another, you have nothing to fear or worry about.

Because there are Universal Laws that govern all that exists, there will never be complete chaos. With God, everything is in Divine order. What goes up must come down. If there is a cause, there must be an effect. So, to prevent bad things from happening, do your best. If something negative happens, work your way through it with faith that you will be guided through the valley of the shadow of death. As Jesus taught us, we must fear no evil! And, there is a time for every purpose, in heaven.

To resolve all concerns, love is the answer. Whenever trouble appears, remember all the good that has manifested in your life. Hold gratitude in your heart, and engrain the memory to access it when needed to neutralize any worry, fear, anger, or hate that might trigger you to feel sorry for yourself. Appearances may cause you to judge your situation as either bad or good. What you see is a result of a perception that has registered in your mind the way it has because of subconscious programs that have either hijacked your happiness or caused you to be optimistic even in your downtimes. If you feel pessimistic, take back your power and shift your consciousness to see the truth, that all is the out-picturing of the Divine.

So many people are out of touch with the inner voice that connects them to their higher self. When you are not in touch with your inner truth, this disconnection can cause you to become imbalanced and unable to understand how to right the resulting unhappiness. When in touch with your spiritual nature, you recognize how your unconscious thought patterns can get in the way of your success. If you fail to slow down to tap into your own unique inner wisdom, you will wander aimlessly unable to alter your life path.

To change your life, have faith in a higher power and let God take over to create your world. Tune into the part you play in making your dreams a reality. Get in touch with your feelings to identify what it is you need to change. Wake up to your own ignorance of the karma of your actions, otherwise, you will stay caught in the blame game and a victim at your own pity party. When you are in touch with your spiritual nature, you take responsibility for all that you create and love the Christ within yourself to live a highly effective life that enables you to bless the world.

In my life, I have had cause to give up and lose all hope that anything might improve. Because I chose to see the light at the end of the tunnel even without evidence or proof that a healing might occur, I witnessed an energy shift that gave me hope. This inkling of energy manifested when I chose to say no and resisted the temptation to indulge. This was a big deal because, from the moment I had become sick, I had been unable to go even one day without the crutch of my eating disorder. Of course, stopping my bad behavior wasn’t easy. After making it through just one day, I felt the blossoming of my self-confidence and the awakening of self-love. I stood tall and endured the pain until my efforts crossed the threshold to create an entirely new energy body.

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” you will learn how to heal in body, mind, and spirit to create a new you that is whole, perfect, and complete in the eyes of the Divine. Today is your opportunity to plant seeds of greatness within your heart of hearts, to create heaven on earth!

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