You are a magnet. Everything that you think, say, and do attracts into your life a reflection of the spiritual atmosphere that surrounds your subtle energy field. The Law of Attraction is weaved throughout all the laws of the Universe. This law is the expression of energy for each cause and effect that manifests as a result of an intention held in mind.

Take a moment to contemplate what this energy is that is being expressed through the law. Einstein shared with humankind that energy has always been in existence and that it cannot be destroyed. What does this mean for you and me? Well, this means that the energy within all of creation, within every cell in the body of God, will never die and will live on forever. Your form may change, but the essence which is you will live on for eternity. The life force energy of the Divine is expressed through and by means of everything and everyone that is.

This energy that is one with all of life is directed by spiritual laws, which create order in what seems to be chaos. The intelligence of the Universe guides and directs all of creation. What manifests is a symphony of harmonious unique organized systems. Each system is interwoven into an interactive network that is interdependent and creative in nature. All systems collaborate together to attract the perfect combinations of life force energies, to fulfill a higher purpose and bring balance to karmic scales.

Each system generates its own field of energy that attracts similar energies that align with the essential qualities of the mission. Systems can be as small as the inter-workings of a cell connected to other networks within the body, to a thriving city dependent upon the trucks that supply stores with food needed to feed and nurture its citizens. The linking of responsibilities and the trust people have for one another helps maintain the flow of goods and services that hold a city together.

Within the different areas of a person’s life is a framework of activity that needs to be upheld and worked on daily to create a healthy happy life. The diversity of choices could make a person go crazy; but, your emotions and desires pull you toward the areas of interest that resonate with your core values, shaping you into the person you become.

Each choice you make contributes to the formation and maintenance of the various systems of energy that surround your energy body, creating an environment that resonates with the type of person you have become. If you create a faulty system, problems can result which contribute to the collapse of your world. So, what might cause you to create a faulty system? Well, you must take a look at your core values to see if you are living in integrity with your higher self. Are you walking your talk in celebration of your Divine nature?

Take a look at the attitudes you are holding about your life and the people in it. Do you love and respect yourself and others? Or, do you compromise your values and discount others, treating them with animosity when things don’t go your way? Are you manipulative to get what you desire? Do you intimidate others to make yourself feel more important?

When you fail to live an authentic virtuous life of integrity, you jeopardize weakening your subtle energy body, which can put you at risk. Everything you do, no matter what it is, works toward fashioning a life you will have to live with, good or bad. Be conscious of the thoughts you hold in your mind. If your intention is pure, with thoughts that are helpful and not harmful to others, your life will be blessed. Everything that you think, say, and do creates a vibrational signature that attracts an equal energy exchange. If you compromise your values and benefit at the expense of someone else, the universe will correct the imbalance and even the score. It may appear that you have gotten away without repercussions, but don’t be fooled by Mother Nature! You will attract what you need to help remedy the wrongdoing.

I personally experienced what can happen when you are not in alignment with the integrity of your higher self. I witnessed at a deep level, the subtle energy of the law of attraction which rewarded me with repercussions from flawed thinking and bad habits that shocked me into changing my ways! In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I share a story about my interest in becoming a nun when I was in the fifth grade at a Catholic elementary school. It was at this innocent time in my life that I made a vow between God and myself, to one day become a sister.

At about 14 years of age, my dream changed when I began to sense some serious flaws in my religion. I couldn’t see how certain people would be doomed to hell for negative behaviors committed. Because I knew the almighty was an all-forgiving God, I discerned that God couldn’t have created the rules set forth in Catholicism or similar teachings, which taught men to fear an evil devil. As a result of my new understanding, I felt disillusioned and confused.

I came to these realizations when I developed a serious crush on a boy in high school. It became clear to me that I would be unable to keep my vow. This made me question the concept of sin and eternal damnation, and the punishment I would be dealt for breaking my vow! I saw justice as being dispensed to those who were bad, and I knew at my core that I wasn’t.

How does this story tie into the Law of attraction? Well… first of all, the problems I experienced later down the road did not come about because I didn’t become a nun or stopped being a Catholic. However, problems did develop because I disconnected from the emotional connection I felt with God, and most importantly, I didn’t have knowledge of the Universal law of attraction to understand cause and effect, which is the life force energy of the Divine in action. Because I stopped having faith that God was in my corner helping me every day, I felt desperate to fix my life and began to do things I never would have done before to turn myself into someone others would love. At one point I became a kleptomaniac, and I was a bulimic for longer than I would like to admit. I sincerely believed that God would not punish me since I had for the most part, always lived a virtuous life.

During my attempt to influence the Universe, I tried to use will power to manipulate circumstances and to control my eating disorder to get thin, instead of trusting in a higher power to attract the perfect and ideal life for me. I felt that I had no choice, but to go blindly into the night, on my own to find happiness to create balance in every area of my life. I believed God was powerless to help me. I didn’t realize that Universal energy was actually guiding me every step of the way, and had never abandoned me. I just needed to stop and listen to the still small voice within, to hear my internal guidance system in action.

In my youth, I was unaware that tapping into a higher power was even an option. I instead resorted to praying to get what my ego believed it desperately needed to survive and live happily. I had no understanding of energy or how Universal Laws worked. Prayer was all I had known. “Please dear God, will you give me____? Please can you do ___for me?” I want, I want, etc.! I see a pattern! Me, me, me! Do I detect a bit of selfishness here? On one hand, yes, even though I inherently wasn’t.

My desperate mindset was sabotaging my reality. This attitude led me to make excuses and to negligence, especially when it came to helping others. But, because of my lack of emotional intelligence and immaturity, I was unable to comprehend this concept. And unbeknownst to me, because of this self-absorption, I was really hurting myself. I didn’t understand just how true this was. I just knew that it was time for me to get what “I” needed to finally become happy. You will learn more about my personal struggle in my book.

When your thoughts are hyper-focused in an unhealthy way on what you don’t have, you create from a place of lack and limitation manifesting a faulty, weakened energy system that can cause the foundation of your world to breakdown. Praying to get what you already have is a totally flawed way of thinking. What do I mean by this? I mean, since all that exists is one with the body of God, you just need to appreciate what you have, and seek to give the highest and best of yourself from a place of wholeness to experience a full and rewarding life. When you are love in action, the Universe takes notice and returns the favor. The law of attraction draws to you a reflection of the love energy you express. So be an expression of love in all that you think, say, and do! Give, and then give some more. And…in that giving, your life will be blessed, as will everyone in the Universe!

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