Love energy is all that exists! Okay, maybe you may not feel that this is so, especially with what you see in the news, but in reality, love is who and what you are! How is this possible? This is true because the life force energy of God is all that is! Any perception that tells you otherwise, is a lack of understanding of energy, which is the source of all creation. The intelligence of the Universe has created polar opposites to know God, with universal laws set in place to create balance in your life. When out of sync, imbalances materialize to teach you that you have gone too far in the wrong direction. To correct the discrepancies in your energy field, use the wisdom of your inner GPS to guide you back to your spiritual center.

When out of balance, stress can step in to arouse the insecure emotions of fear, worry, and anxiety. To curtail these emotions, remind yourself that the past is gone, the future is but a dream, and the present is here now, so don’t waste it!

When in a state of fear, your defenses are up and ready to protect you from real and invisible threats to your body, mind, and spirit. Fear causes people to react negatively in ways that perpetuate problems rather than to solve them. Fear does not work in your favor. Fear weakens the immune system and drains your energy to sabotage all that is good in your life. Some people believe that if they stop focusing on their fears, then their fears will get the best of them and cause harm to their well-being. Well this is not the way thought works. What you focus on, you bring upon yourself. Instead of putting your attention on thoughts you are unable to control, focus on all the good you can do to be of service to humanity!

When in a state of worry, your concerns cause you to hyper-focus on problems in an attempt to manipulate your world. There is no amount of worry that can ever remedy a problem. Worry wastes valuable energy and disrupts the ability to function at a high level. It robs you of your inner joy, and steals away the grace of the present moment. Similar to fear, your preoccupation with this emotion, keeps you from celebrating what you have, and works to prevent you from being productive in the here and now. Because your energy is so heavily focused on distresses, you are emotionally unavailable. As a result of your inability to connect, you make excuses for your behavior and tell others that you will spend time with them in the future.

When in a state of anxiety, it is difficult to focus. The angst you experience from this state of mind hijacks your happiness and prevents you from moving forward in a creative way. It becomes nearly impossible to function at a high level. Memory loss is one of the side effects, making it difficult to listen or to even care what others are saying. Because you are caught up in your own survival, your every waking moment is preoccupied with finding a solution to rid yourself of the never-ending anxiety that has become attached to you.

In extreme cases of severe free-floating anxiety, you may feel empty and void of emotions. If this occurs, you might begin to wonder if God even exists. This makes healing all the more difficult when your reason for living is taken from you. With hope gone for eternal salvation, the pain you are left with feels like hell on earth given as torture, for God knows what you may have done.

To facilitate a transition from these stressful emotional states to feelings of empowerment, make the choice to love yourself by embracing the emotion of gratitude to remember all the good you have been blessed to receive. Anchor the memories of blessings in your subconscious mind. When worry, fear, and anxiety appear, recall the emotion of gratitude to neutralize their emotional charge. Once stress is neutralized, your consciousness will be set free from the invisible chains that have kept you from creating heaven on earth. In one act of faith, peace is restored. All feelings of victimization disappear to reveal your true genius nature. You are now free to express your God given gifts to be all that you can be!

Being alive, although on occasion stressful, is a wonderful thing. And – living in a free society is a blessing. However, at times life can become overwhelming. Every so often, people have a difficult time with the cards they have been dealt. When this happens, unfortunately for some, they are unable to process their stressful reality in a constructive positive way. Instead, they revert to reacting with anger and destructive behaviors to teach others a lesson. They sometimes hope that their actions will magically heal their situation.

The truth is, in life things don’t always go your way. Just because someone else has a better life than you, it does not give you the go ahead to take from them what you desire. To manifest a happy life, you must earn what you get. Bad things may happen to you or to someone you care about, but in no way should you use your anger as an excuse to take the law in your own hands. If you do, there will be consequences that won’t be pleasant. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

There is no excuse in the world for violence and hostility to be okay. You cannot use rationalization to make an act of revenge, hate, or abuse of any kind, acceptable. If you choose this form of retaliation, you only harm yourself when you cross the line to incite unrest. Harming the innocent makes you equally guilty and worthy of criminal prosecution. Yes, problems can arise when individuals in power take advantage of the system to gain more than they are due, crippling citizens who end up paying self-righteous greedy corporations and immoral politicians who shuffle paper rather than serve their constituents. However, individuals such as these will get their just reward, for their karma is immediate, whether they realize it or not.

Unconditional love is the one and only way to make things right, to heal the hearts of the multitudes! Love heals all wounds. To create positive change, move in the direction of the integrity of your higher self to honor the Christ within every person everywhere. It is up to you to be a role model in service to humanity!

You are the answer to your prayers. How can this be? This is true because happiness is an inside job with the energy of the Divine working through and by means of you. Now is the only time there is to be love in action!

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” you will find tools that will assist you in empowering yourself to facilitate positive, creative, constructive change. This is your opportunity to live your best life now!

Be the light in the darkness; take what you have learned and move into action, to be the love you wish to see in the world!!!

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