To be born in a perfect state of health is a blessing and not to be taken for granted. When you have health within your body, mind, and spirit, the world is your oyster. Life is good and it’s wonderful to be alive! However, not everyone is so lucky to claim this state of being as their reality. Why are some people gifted with the good fortune of knowing perfect health and others not so privileged?

First of all, when you are conceived into this world, what manifests as your physical body is the result of your luck of the draw in the genetic gene pool. You inherit a certain set of traits that create the body you are blessed to live with. In the new science of epigenetics, what you do with this gift of being birthed into existence will determine how your genes express in your life. Your thoughts are the stepping stones that create your world!

Each choice you make contributes to what manifests as external changes to DNA that can either turn the expression of a gene on or off. It is important to know that your choices do not modify the DNA sequence, but instead, change the way a cell is able to read genes. With an understanding of this new science, you are no longer a victim of your genes. You can change your predisposition to disease by modifying your habits to affect positive change in your life. Because human beings are multifaceted creatures, it is essential to strive toward creating balance in the different areas of wellness to build a strong foundation of health.

The Nine Areas of Wellness:

1. Physical – Achieve physical stamina from consistent exercise, a nutrient-dense diet, and by living in a non-toxic environment.
2. Social – Develop and maintain healthy relationships of mutual admiration and respect.
3. Family – Spend quality time with beloved family members to nurture the family bond.
4. Financial – Be wise in your expenditures. Create a budget to use as your guide to direct spending in a responsible manner.
5. Career – Plant seeds of greatness toward materializing your passion a step at a time on the spiritual path.
6. Intellectual – Discover where your interests and talents lie. Personal success is found in the joyful expression of doing what you love!
7. Spiritual – Live an authentic, virtuous life of integrity to be blessed with the wisdom necessary to harmoniously engage with your brothers and sisters.
8. Romance – Give love without conditions. When kindness such as this is demonstrated, it is easier to trust and become open to allowing a deeper, more connected relationship to blossom.
9. Recreation – Enjoy a variety of activities that provide avenues for stress release.

Now that you know that you are the creator of your individual Universe, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to live your life to the fullest as an empowered human being? Or…Are you going to blame others and external-conditions for what happened to you? When you fail to accept responsibility for what manifests in your life, you are no longer in control of your destiny. You are instead, allowing your present to be affected by circumstances beyond your control. To take back your power to live an authentic life of integrity, release your will power, know your why power, then step into the Won power! Okay, so what do I mean by this?

When you let go of your will power and let God take over, you are having faith that your good is not somewhere out there, but is already manifested in the eternal now for the highest good of all concerned. Because you are in touch with your “why” power, you have a vision that will guide you to bless the world. With “won” power, the one, all-powerful Universal presence of the Divine works through and by means of you to be of service to humanity, as a role model for all to learn from your example. With the realization of your interconnection with the life force energy of the Divine, you are now able to live an empowered life of integrity!

Whether you appreciate the life you have been given is your choice. What manifests in your experience is a reflection of the frequency of energy you are resonating with the people in your world. The quality of your consciousness creates a spiritual atmosphere that attracts into your life the people, places, and things that mirror the integrity of your higher self. Whatever you think, say, and do, creates either negative or positive energy that exudes from your energy body, to create from the ethers by way of attractor patterns, a life that represents the integrity of your consciousness. It doesn’t matter if your attitude is negative or positive, you will attract what you are sending out to the Universe. This phenomenon of the presence of order is universal law in action, enacting spiritual justice at all times.

When you have a bad attitude, how does it make you feel energetically? Do you feel enlivened or weakened by your insistent focus on all that is not right in your world? It has been found that hyper-focusing on negativity weakens the immune system. If you instead choose to be grateful no matter what appears, your life will be blessed with new and wonderful experiences. Each time you make a conscious decision to focus on the positive with an attitude of gratitude, you will have more energy to express to get busy living, instead of complaining. Thankfully, all fear, worry, and anxiety will dissipate when thoughts of gratitude flood your consciousness. With a grateful heart, your energy will expand and uplift your spirit to heal your etheric body!

Consider how your perceptions color the way you see yourself and the world around you. The views you hold influence the way you respond to others holding opinions opposite of yours. Do you find that you react defensively to these opinions with anger, rather than respond conscientiously in a thoughtful response that conveys evidence to educate rather than condemn? If you react negatively, you are misdirecting your anger and lashing out because you feel powerless from your own feelings of victim-hood. To step back into your dignity, stop mistreating others! They are not the problem.

What can you do to take ownership of the situations in life that are affecting you negatively? Be a part of the solution, instead of blaming others. Take responsibility for your health in body, mind, and spirit. Work toward finding solutions within your own community or vote to change laws that are no longer serving you. When you do this, pent up negative energy dissipates and an upswing of positive energy surges to heal your energy body, as you take action to transform your life.

To create a consciousness of wellness, it is important to have a healthy mind. Since thought creates your world, it is important to make conscious choices that are helpful and not harmful to create the best possible outcomes in life. When you make choices that are for the highest good of all concerned, the intentions that you set will bless not only your own life, but ripple out to affect the lives of everyone, everywhere. If you don’t like the way your life is, then take a proactive stance to change your thinking. With positive karmically correct intentions set in place, don’t be surprised when your health changes for the better!

To heal your energy body, connect to the integrity of your higher self. The integrity that you are now living elevates your energy to live in healthy and balanced ways. When you live a virtuous life, you create healthy self-esteem which blesses you with the gift of an enhanced sense of self-worth. Each time you choose to engage in altruistic behavior, you help others to help themselves and benefit from the healing energy that is now growing from within you. You learn from each experience how to live a highly effective life. When you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone to change the habits that are sabotaging your reality, you create opportunities to learn more about yourself. It isn’t easy to risk changing that which is safe and known. But when you do, you forge a new identity, lifting your self-confidence to the clouds!

In life, health can fluctuate where you may not always feel your best. Ill health can take many forms, oftentimes manifesting as a mental, emotional, or physical problem. You may feel victimized by a condition that is taking up all of your valuable energy, where you feel powerless and unable to fight against what has appeared. No matter what has manifested, it is not the boss of you! You can face what is troubling you and choose life.

You are in charge of your destiny and have the power to facilitate impactful change in your life. The root of all disease can be traced back to subconscious programs that automatically guide you in your decision-making process. Every time you learn a new skill, you are programming your subconscious mind. Once the program is learned, you don’t have to think about it anymore. It works automatically. For instance, once you learn how to drive a car, you don’t have to consciously recall each step. You can drive and unconsciously do everything that is necessary to stay safe and within the confines of the laws.

The various programs that are replaying in your subconscious can affect the way you feel about yourself and determine whether you feel deserving of success in the different areas in your life. If these programs hijack your happiness, you are unknowingly cheating yourself out of your birthright to live your best life now. Relax and know that there is something you can do about the mental habits that are sabotaging your success!

In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I teach how you can take your power back to create the life you deserve. You will learn how to establish positive life-affirming habits by redirecting your energy away from your negative addictive lifestyle that is draining your life force and sabotaging the ability to experience personal success. When I finally chose to have faith and trust in the Divine to take care of my needs, I initiated the courage to stop my addictive behaviors and to feel the underlying pain I had been covering up with immediate gratification. I used the energy from the pain to take the steps necessary to create new healthy habits, to remedy the problems that had manifested in my life.

When I was 19 years old, I experienced a life-changing event, so serious and formidable, that I believed I would never heal and be doomed to live in the resulting, permanent state of depression I had incurred, for my entire life. I had convinced myself, whether it was true or not, that I had brain damage. My belief in this possible brain injury caused me to experience free-floating anxiety. On top of what had happened to me, I had an eating disorder that I had not come to terms with and failed to see how it had contributed to the bad things in my life. A cycle of addiction ensued. I comforted myself with the immediate gratification of food, which kept me from confronting the part I played in the creation of the illness thrust upon me. I finally realized that my body was deteriorating because of my failure to take responsibility for my own health. I was forced to take a good look at myself and saw that I was headed for a catastrophic future if I didn’t put the brakes on my self-destructive behavior. Bulimia was killing me and only I could stop my early demise!

For me, to break free of the cycle of addiction was a daunting task as I had lost my will to live. I sincerely doubted that God existed and was unable to connect emotionally with the people in my world. I felt disconnected and alone. I had no idea how to regain the connection I had lost but was determined to do whatever I could to heal in body, mind, and spirit. I subconsciously believed I might rewire my brain to access new neural connections to “my heart,” to feel the love I had lost. Mind you, the thought of doing this was never heard of in the 1970s, so I had no idea it would work and no one to guide me through the process. It was just my theory. Fortunately, over time I figured it out, applied it, and manifested healing!

After being helped and supported emotionally by a friend who shared her pearls of wisdom, my hope was rekindled which gave me the faith I needed to trust in a higher power to rejuvenate my injured self. When I chose to love myself and delay the instant gratification that I reaped when I indulged in my bad behaviors, I began to feel healing energy grow from within every cell in my being. I now could feel spirit working a miracle from within me. I could feel the presence of God! Even though I was still a fraction of my old self, I felt deep within subconsciously, that if I let spirit take over, I would metamorphose into a new me. When I let spirit take over the healing process I was blessed with grace, which gave me a new lease on life, and the emotional experience of love that had been missing, returned in full force. It took some time, but gradually the pain I had incurred from my self-destructive behaviors dissipated and faded into the past as a memory kept to remind me of the spiritual consequences of cause and effect and to know that God is alive and well.

So, if you have experienced some sort of personal trauma that has manifested in the form of a physical, mental, and/or emotional breakdown similar to what I went through, there is no need to worry if you have become depressed and lost all hope of ever getting better. There is light at the end of the tunnel. With faith, you can move mountains!

If you have stopped believing in God, you may feel lost and alone. When you don’t believe in a higher power, your lack of faith can cripple your ability of ever healing. Without faith, you might begin to feel overly concerned with the problems that have surfaced, which can cause fear, anxiety, and worry to worsen and grow into more formidable states of mind.

If this has happened to you, take baby steps toward building the faith and trust you need to make a full commitment to healing. Make a choice to love the imperfections that have manifested in your life. Know that everything that has manifested in your reality, regardless of whether it has been good or bad, has been attracted to your life to help you know what doesn’t work and what is for your highest good. From this place of acceptance and pure love, you can take action to live your best life now.

To let healing happen, step into the experience of heaven on earth, and let go and let God bless you with the gift of being reborn into the kingdom. Have faith and know that with virtuous right action, done in the spirit of giving without expecting to receive, you will reap the experience of grace, which is your ticket to paradise here on earth! The consciousness of love that you choose to demonstrate is food for the soul! Know that there is nothing to fear, for you will be rewarded for your good deeds in the least expected of ways, all of which will be appreciated and celebrated as part of the joy of living. Know that your good already is manifested in this eternal now moment to support you on your journey to bless the world!

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