Throughout history, the most successful civilizations were led by leaders who made efforts to do “good” in society. Their humanitarian acts did not go unnoticed by the people who flourished as a result of their fair and just rulers. Because of the good works enacted, each of these societies was more prosperous than other countries who at the time, had resorted to an abuse of power to rule their lands. The past gives us a record of time tested actions that teach us about ourselves and the world around us. It is up to us to learn from the clues nature and humankind provides, to help us to live a highly effective, authentic life of integrity.

By observing the inner workings of the universal mind, we can tune into subtle energies to understand how to affect others in positive ways. As we learn more about ourselves, we can help others to help themselves. With a deeper understanding of energy, our senses develop an inner knowing-ness that helps us to align with higher vibrations of truth expressed through virtuous acts. Each time we step out of our comfort zone to connect with others in a helpful fashion, we are lifting our consciousness to a higher level of coherency that salutes the Christ within all of humanity.

Helping one another is love in action! When we give to others we are blessed more than the recipient of our gifts. Even though we may not benefit from money or an even exchange when donating our time, treasure, or talent, the giver is always blessed. Healing energy grows from within when we give from a place of true generosity, where our intent is not to get anything in return from our good works. Because of our generous spirit, we reap grace which propels our energy to the moon and back, elevating us into a higher state of consciousness.

Living a virtuous lifestyle may not appear glamorous, but in all actuality, it is the only way to fly! When we perform random acts of kindness, we are gifted with an inner wisdom that guides and directs our way on the spiritual path toward the experience of heaven on earth. As we traverse the planet demonstrating the highest and best of ourselves, the universe opens up a door for us to pass into a new realm of self-realization and self-actualization. Within this realm, we can spread our wings and use our courage to soar high above the clouds just like an eagle to demonstrate our personal best.

The time is now to be a star and shine our light upon humanity. We can illuminate the darkness with the glimmer of hope we deliver as we bring harmony to those who surround us. As we dance to the beat of our own drummer, we salute the Christ within everyone on our pathway. Each action we take teaches others how to bring joy into all their interactions.

Before becoming a Center for Spiritual Living Minister, I experienced my very own dark night of the soul you might say, except for my experience perpetuated and went on for longer than I ever could have imagined. Finding my way out of the darkness wasn’t easy and required that I have faith in a higher power. This was especially difficult because I had lost hope that God even existed. Lucky for me, I was helped by someone who went out of their way to bless me with healing energy, which helped me to see that God was alive and well. In my book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I share my story and how I surrendered to the Divine to carry me back to the realization of my spiritual perfection.

On my healing journey, I awoke to the power of the Christ Consciousness, which helped me to connect personally with everyone in my life. I realized that regardless of appearances, every person on earth is a child of God deserving of love; however, I also began to understand that boundaries must be enforced to respect the space of others. I soon understood that we must teach the people in our world how to treat us; otherwise, we could be taken advantage of if we have not found our voice to speak up to express our needs. To help people or causes that have not found a voice, activism was born. For activism to be highly effective, it is important for each individual involved to work toward finding solutions that are for the highest good of all concerned. The spiritual activist chooses to let go and let God guide and direct their way to obtain the perfect solutions for problems without the use of abusive force or mental manipulation.

Being a spiritual activist is truly a gift! In the act of giving, the universe connects us to the source of all that is good, to experience a full and complete life. In this place of enough-ness, all our needs are met in one way or another. The giver is always loved and rewarded with emotional support and blessings of all sorts that enable the adventure of awakening to one’s spiritual magnificence to continue.

As I journeyed toward becoming a minister, I was fortunate to have many volunteer opportunities to work with individuals in need of spiritual guidance. I discovered that when in the midst of treating others, I was actually healing myself. The life force energy of the Divine spoke through and by means of me to reveal the spiritual truths I needed to return to wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Essentially, during this process I reprogrammed my subconscious mind to realize that my good already is in this eternal now moment. As a result, the subtle inner trauma I had been carrying since my late teens dissipated.

During this volunteer experience, Spirit gave to me the most important gift I could ever have been given. I was reborn to my higher self! I felt connected to all of life and understood why and how it was possible. Because I had been helping someone other than myself to heal, my heart was open and receptive to the healing messages of spirit. Since I wasn’t making a desperate attempt to heal myself, the universe rewarded me with exactly what I needed to hear to remedy my negative mindset that had been crippling my efforts to get beyond what had happened to me in the past. I finally understood the real meaning of life and how to experience heaven on earth. When you give selflessly to improve the lives of others, the world is blessed!

Sharing with others how to create heaven on earth is my passion and purpose for living. I love to communicate this message with everyone who crosses my path, especially at church. When I teach my lessons, I listen to the still small voice from within to reveal that which I need to hear; but will help the most people. I set the purpose and let spirit take over, to relay the most optimal healing solutions as I speak. Throughout this process, I can’t wait to hear what I am going to say. As a spiritual activist, I move forward with a clear focused vision to motivate change. It is my goal to inspire humanity to push noble causes into full manifestation.

When we set ourselves free to be spontaneous in the moment, wonderful things are more prone to happen. From this place of free expression, great ideas are planted in our subconscious mind and nurtured into full fruition to create a fully functioning, happy life. With a fresh outlook, spiritual activists can use their personal power to uplift humankind into partaking in inspired right action that blesses society with citizens living authentic virtuous lives.


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