Happiness is the state of mind desired by all of humankind. To live a wonderful life is rightly the birthright of every person, everywhere. Truth be told, a consciousness of love is your only reality and is out-pictured throughout the Universe. Any other experience is merely the absence of an awareness of the good that is within all of life. How is it possible for happiness, love, and good to be your eternal reality? It is possible because Almighty God is the life force energy within every cell throughout the Universe, which enables you to reap these eternal blessings. God is all that exists and the source of every gift bestowed upon you. Your good already is regardless of what you see manifested in the world.

The omniscient, Omni perfect, and Omni powerful presence of the Divine that embodies all life is the essence that heals all wounds and paves the way for incredible change. When unhappiness rears its ugly head, it feels so real and unrelenting that it can make even the strongest person give up and pummel into the darkness of doubt, despair, and dismay. To rise above the perfect storm that appears to have set its site on destroying your well-being can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially if a downpour of hopeless energy envelops your spirit, and takes away any will you may have left to cease partaking in feeling sorry for yourself. If you succumb to worry, fear, and anxiety to allow this pity party to take hold of your consciousness, a wave of self-destructive behavior bent on crushing your spirit even further, may take hold and lead you to places you really don’t want to go. To rise above this bleak outlook, have faith in a higher power, and allow the healing energy of the Divine to lift you back to where you belong; to be re-birthed into a new you!

Once trauma captures the attention of its unsuspecting victim, it is difficult to be released from its unrelenting grip. With the receiver immobilized and transfixed on the pain of his or her new reality, it is difficult to see an end in sight. The hypnotic power of the trauma can make its existence feel permanent, transforming a happy camper into a very sad individual indeed. Snapping out of this now, self-imposed prison can feel like an impossible feat. The acceptance of victim-hood can prevent those with the best intentions from succeeding in breaking free of chains that have grown comfortable with self-medication.

The familiar painful drama is what is real in the present moment and the future is an unknown, yet to be experienced. To change, it is necessary to confront the pain to evolve towards the elimination of self-destructive behaviors that often become a necessity to face each new day. The victim has become addicted to feeling bad, which is unintentional, but an unfortunate reality. To unlock the door to an evolution of consciousness, relinquish the ego’s need to control, and let God take over. Trust that the life force energy of the Divine will awaken the wisdom within you to live an authentic virtuous life of integrity.

In my new book, “The Spiritual Path: How to Create Heaven on Earth,” I teach how you can demonstrate practical spirituality in your life. I also share with readers my journey toward healing what I believed to be an incurable, permanent illness that manifested after enduring a number of extremely traumatic experiences. After searching for much-needed answers, I finally woke up to my spiritual truth and accepted the existence of a higher power. When I stepped on the spiritual path, the healing energy of love awakened my consciousness to realize the spiritual perfection within my body, mind, and spirit. At first, I couldn’t believe that healing was even a possibility, as the conditions in my life seemed unchangeable. Fortunately, eventually I would discover the keys to unlock the door to healing my perceptions!

Each person faces suffering in their own way. It is my hope to help you recover and reclaim the life you deserve and more. You can and will embrace spiritual justice to experience the blessings of spiritual enlightenment. In your acceptance of the unique beauty within your authentic self, your spirit will be uplifted to rise above appearances and superficial judgments to embody a new paradigm of consciousness that recognizes the one Universal Mind, creator of all that is.

The traumas I experienced on my spiritual journey procured a life of their own, which caused me to take on the role of a victim. Gradually, I began to accept the different challenges that manifested in my life. Over time, I could see them as opportunities to grow. As my inner child healed, I was able to embrace the learning process and rejoice in the celebration of each adventure that unfolded. My attitude changed the way I perceived my reality. As I awakened to my spiritual magnificence, I manifested the good that was already mine but had failed to see. When you feel interconnected to the intelligence of the Divine, enlightenment becomes your reality.

I wrote this book to teach humanity how to create heaven now. It is not necessary to wait until you die to experience the blessings of a loving God. When you take proactive steps to embody practical spirituality, you step into the experience of heaven to live an empowered and happy life. Whether you create an enlightened state of mind out-pictured as heaven on earth or merely bring blissful, euphoric aspects of heaven into your everyday experience, your life will feel improved and blessed.

If I can help people see that with faith in the life force energy of the Divine, it is possible to experience the higher plane of enlightenment when the Christ, Buddha, or similar Consciousness is embodied, then my job in writing this book will be accomplished. With faith in a higher power, you can move mountains to break free of obstacles that are crippling your life. When you trust in the intelligence of this life force energy to heal whatever ails you, your life will transform, allowing you to be a vehicle to bless the world with the love energy you now possess. Because you let go and let the power of God’s love take over, you manifest the heavenly reward of grace in your life.

After living through the different traumas that tested me and having survived them, I felt an intense desire to understand the karma of life. I am presenting my book to the world to share the wisdom I have acquired, in a heartfelt effort to raise the consciousness of the planet. I see how people are struggling in so many ways to find happiness. Many people are disconnected from the source. I hope to help humanity to step into a new era of Spiritual Enlightenment, where everyday struggles can be alleviated and replaced with an awareness that appreciates the beauty and relevance of all that occurs in life. Everything happens for a reason that should be embraced and not regretted, as what is experienced in our lives is perfect regardless of appearances.

Here is my story… At the young age of 18, I was blessed to live through what felt like “heaven on earth,” where I experienced for an extended time, spiritual enlightenment. My heart was filled with the euphoria of unconditional love, in an extreme state of joy and happiness, which I radiated out to all who knew me. The embodiment of bliss was my reality! Unfortunately, this heavenly state of mind faded after about 5 months.

After going through a number of unforeseen life-changing events that traumatized me emotionally, physically, and spiritually, the experience of heaven disappeared and I fell into a deep depression. I felt empty. Heaven on earth had been real to me and I felt baffled when my spiritual high and connection to the Divine dissipated. I had no choice but to spend my life working toward understanding how to regain this spiritual connection. I had to figure out something that seemed impossible to comprehend – at least while in this physical body. I had to piece the puzzle of my life back together to discover what I had done to change my world so drastically. This was difficult because I was not healthy and my brain was ultimately, refusing to cooperate.

To reverse the damage, I had to have faith in a higher power, which at this point I doubted existed, and know that spirit had not abandoned me. I was numb to my feelings. To heal, I needed hope! Miraculously, a friend gave me that hope, which triggered the desire to get better. I moved into action. I had to trust in the Divine and know that with action I would once again feel whole. The action was the means for me to experience love. I had to treat myself with kindness and give love to others to reap the reward of love. Only then would I begin to feel it once more in my life! God is a verb and Heaven is an action! If you want to be happy, love is what you give, not what you withhold.

Because of the traumas I had experienced and the addictive behaviors that had taken on a life of their own, I had to make a choice to love myself. Even though my friend had helped me, unbeknownst to her, I was living with the self-destructive eating disorder of Bulimia. If I failed to change my habits, I was unconsciously headed down a path toward an untimely death. If I wanted to live, I had to act fast or my reality would change in a negative way.

To facilitate the continuation of my healing, I set on a quest to gain the spiritual wisdom needed to complete the circle of thought – to recreate Heaven in my life! Only through personal responsibility demonstrated with virtuous intent, would I find my way back to the garden. Through this process of awakening to my higher self, I took proactive steps to understand the karma of life and to realize the perfection of all that God is.

In 1979, I submerged myself into studying various spiritual books while in search of the essence of spirit, to know what spirit is. I chose to do this to understand, know, and feel the emotional purity of grace, which is the gift of living a virtuous, spiritual life. I hoped to experience Spirit-God – as real made manifest in my life. I began looking for some proof of God’s existence to give me a reason to move forward in a healthy, happy fashion.  

Now that I had a taste of what my life could be if I chose to love myself, I was motivated to undo the damage I had unintentionally created. After living without hope of ever getting better, I took the seeds of love my friend planted, surrendered to the chance possibility of God’s existence, and allowed the Divine to take over. After trusting in what I saw as “unbelievable” – the healing energy of God, I chose to have faith and to feel the pain of all that I had lost…I stopped binging and purging on food used to numb the terrible pain of emptiness. Upon surrendering the will of my ego to manifest healing for selfish reasons, I let go and allowed spirit to transform my life into a vehicle to be used to bless the lives of others. As a result, I experienced the immediate blessing of grace out-pictured within my body as psychic healing love energy. This miraculous expansion of love welled up within me and was expressed as an energetic frequency that vibrated inside every cell in my body. The experience of this love energy was a sign that God was alive and well!

After being given a taste of this healing energy, I wanted more. I could feel my energy grow with each positive choice made. I now had hope. With this newfound optimism, I was ready to do whatever it would take to build healthy habits to birth a better version of myself. I took the initiative to reprogram my subconscious mind to establish life-affirming habits. To do this, I focused on the end result and took steps daily to create what I desired. Each victory, no matter how simple, forged new neural pathways improving my circuitry that essentially began to rewire my brain for success. I chose to direct each intention held in my mind, toward creating a new reality from the quantum field of infinite possibilities, one that would enable me to be my personal best.

A complete healing revealed itself to me when I accepted myself, “warts and all” – okay I didn’t have warts, but you get the picture. I finally understood that the energy of God is the life force energy within every cell that exists. I recognized that God is everywhere present in its entirety, which means that there is no separation between God and all of life. I realized my spiritual birthright of wholeness when I chose to love every inch of myself, regardless of imperfections, and accepted each gift, negative or positive, that was bestowed upon me on the spiritual path. The unconditional love I radiated toward myself and all of life became the vehicle that sailed me into the heavens. I finally understood that my life was perfect in its imperfection.

Each of us has our own story, which has helped to make us who we are today. The truth is, who we are, is far greater than our story. I hope to instill in my readers the importance of identifying with something larger than the self, to uncover the spiritual perfection that lies within. When we can get beyond what has happened to us to unconditionally love the God-self within, then spiritual understanding attained from living the “I-Am” consciousness can become a way of life. To experience the Spiritual Path…as Heaven on Earth, we must recognize that we are already whole, perfect, and complete now in the eyes of God – our good already is and will forever be manifested in the eternal now.

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