Have you ever felt totally at one with the Universe and in love with life, where you can’t picture your day-to-day experience becoming any better than it already is? If you haven’t felt this blissful interconnection with the Divine, you might wonder if it is even possible for anyone to reap such a blessing. Can your heart really open up to unconditionally love all of humankind every minute of the day? Yes, it is your birthright to experience this love that is all encompassing and everywhere present, within the source energy of the almighty.

So, how can you embody this consciousness of enough-ness to live a highly effective life manifested as heaven on earth? To step into the garden of happily ever after, make a choice to love yourself the way you are and know that you are an individualization of God, born with a purpose to bless the world with your authentic self. As you embody this acceptance of your God given individual blessings that are unique to only you, something wonderful happens. With just a little bit of faith, you are finally able to surrender your insecure ego and trust in a higher power which enables you to release all fear and worry about your unknown future. You no longer feel the need to use force to fulfill your needs. Instead you tap into the integrity of your personal power which gives you the courage to take responsible right action. From a place of deep spiritual peace and understanding, you feel inspired to radiate love to all on your pathway in an effort to uplift society.

When you love yourself, you feel deserving of love from others. If you fail to love and nurture yourself, and instead, give into the immediate gratification of addictive behaviors to soothe the aches and pains of personal growth, you miss out on the opportunities that could give you a chance to become your personal best. Each time you succumb to negative behaviors, you deprive yourself of a chance to build up your self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. When you relapse, you damage your self-esteem; however, you can heal your energy body if you choose to forgive yourself and move on to triumph over your so-called mistakes by developing healthy habits. To break free from the cycle of addiction, faith in a higher power is necessary to envision a healthy proactive future to rise above the appearances of lack and limitation.

Each mistake you make is but an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t work. Each challenge you face is helping you to make better decisions in the future. It’s really not the end of the world to indulge in something you enjoy once in a while. But, make sure you ask yourself if what you are doing is for the highest good of all concerned and whether it is helpful and not harmful to yourself and others. If the answer is yes, then engaging in the behavior is okay as long as it is done in healthy and balanced ways.

Remembering who you inherently are is simple in the scheme of things. You are a child of an almighty universal presence, spirit, Divine Intelligence, whatever you choose to call the life force energy of all that exists. This source of all life, God, blesses each and every one of us with the comforting experience of a spiritual community filled with the essence of love that is our true state of being. You attract the right people to help and support your mission to share your unique and special gifts! With gratitude in your heart, know that your life is perfect just the way it is, as are you and your spiritual family, regardless of appearances. And how is this possible? This is your reality because you are an individualization of the most-high God. The life force energy of the Divine surges through every cell in your beautiful spiritual self!

Once you recognize that you are one with the Divine, you can’t help but become aware that all of humanity is connected to you, through and by means of source energy. In your realization of this spiritual truth, you now have a greater understanding of how energy works. It becomes clear that you will be affected by the quality and intention of your thoughts, words, and deeds. Intuitively you realize that the Universe knows if your attitude is sincere and rewards accordingly via spiritual laws. If your maturity is questionable, it may come under scrutiny when others observe your actions. Because of your new found awareness, you can do something about your behavior to change your reality. You are free to experiment to discover how mind works and in the process, instill an inner knowingness that eventually leads to attaining a storehouse of wisdom.

To create heaven on earth, all that is needed is to cultivate a consciousness of wholeness where you know that – your good already is demonstrated in the eternal now. Any appearance of so-called prosperity, lack, or limitation is merely a perceived evaluation that represents your choice to keep what has manifested in your experience. Because you are okay with your choice to stay in your situation, suddenly you are not a victim. However, if you do feel victimized by life, you can make a blueprint for success and take action. You can take advantage of new opportunities that come your way to change the circumstances materialized in your world. It is your life, so you can do what you want…within reason. J When you have the courage to make a change, you can tap into your higher self to move from a perceived victim to a courageous victor. When you enact conscious creative action, you transform your life!

Real transformation begins to occur when you accept and love yourself. When you love and accept yourself just the way you are, a feeling of peace fills your heart. As you begin the process of personal growth toward your new state of self-realization, you allow God to carry the burden of all your troubles on his or her hypothetical shoulders, and as a result, an inner calm frees you from the stresses of life. Since you no longer feel bothered by anxiety or worry, all your concerns dissipate into the eithers, leaving you with an increase of energy that helps you to fulfill your destiny. Because of the inner strength you demonstrated, you are left with an empowered consciousness that assists you in taking constructive right action.

As a result of the good karma of your actions, you unlock the door to your personal power which is used to assist you on your mission toward realizing your higher purpose. You visualize each step and get busy formulating new habits that help you in making your dreams a reality. You picture in your mind’s eye exactly what you desire and how you expect it to show up in your world. The actions you take toward realizing goals make it possible to experience a healthy, balanced life.

As you get closer to realizing the manifestation of your goals, release any expectations as to how your plan for success will take shape, and know that, everything you do is in Divine right order. To connect to the wisdom of your higher self, listen to the still small voice from within to inspire you toward modifying habits that are no longer serving you. Be proactive and take steps to reprogram your subconscious mind to change your negative habits into positive ones that help to attract an uplifting, creative lifestyle. Because you realize that the creation of a new life experience is possible and take steps toward its fruition, great things manifest when you hold an attitude of positive expectancy. By letting a higher power take over to guide and direct your way, the resulting positive energy compounds to transform your world. When you have faith and act responsibly to give the highest and best of yourself to humanity, you create healing love energy that assists in helping you to take a quantum leap toward materializing a new you, as you tap into the field of infinite possibilities. When you shift your thinking within the collective unconscious to realize deeper truths, you create a new paradigm of thought, shaping a new reality.

To live a highly effective life manifested as heaven on earth, it is wise to begin working toward establishing healthy habits to assist in leaving procrastination in the dust. Creative, responsible right action expressed in healthy and balanced ways for the highest good of all concerned, is the perfect goal for you if you are interested in discovering the most optimal avenues to channel healing love energy for the benefit of humanity. To find what you are truly passionate about, get busy in the action of doing what brings you the most joy, whenever you can. To be of service in a greater way, take part in the art of living graciously. From this place of sharing what you are good at, you will discover that which floats your boat…so to speak. Once you feel connected to your real purpose in life, you will find a way to walk your talk, and to shake your tail feathers! Then you can shout out to the world, “Hello everybody…I’m back; I’ve found myself again. I’ve found “the me” that I once knew and loved!!!”

Now is the time for you to live in the eternal now and love every minute you’re in it! To maintain what you have gained, give abundantly in all that you think, say, and do to attract more of the same or that which is similar in nature. From this prosperity mindset, your consciousness will attract the blessings of a simple abundance lifestyle that matches your level of deserve-ability.  As you demonstrate random acts of kindness, you will be blessed with a full and rewarding life. And so, yes, today is an incredible opportunity for you to pay it forward to your fellow human!

It is your responsibility to live an authentic virtuous life. And why is it your responsibility? Well if you don’t work to create an amazing life for yourself, who will! Only you know what is truly ideal to manifest in your world. If you relegate authority to someone else, you will be living through the eyes of another person’s perception of what they believe is best for you. So, have the courage to take the steps needed toward forming good habits that will lead to living your best life now.

To achieve your dreams in ways that are helpful and not harmful, it is essential to set short and long term goals to assist you on your journey toward living true to yourself. It is important to stay flexible and to reassess your journey, because what your ego sees as your destiny may not be what spirit has in store for you. Be open to the process, but set your sites on doing the best you can each and every day. What you focus on has a tendency to become a part of your reality. So, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. And not everything you put your attention on is for your highest good. The key to your success is to head in the direction of that which makes you happy; but, let go, and let God Guide you. If where you are going becomes problematic, reevaluate your plan and if necessary, change it. Most importantly, trust in a higher power and know that no matter what, it will work out for you regardless of what manifests in physical form.

The seeds you plant in your earthly garden will grow, if you nurture them with water and tender loving care. If you choose to plant seeds of greatness, then that is the quality of energy the universe will reflect back into your world. What you attract into your life teaches you about the life force within all that exists. Universal Law listens to your requests and works to fulfill your destiny, reflecting back to you the energy you express! Each kindness or disservice you show to others mirrors back into your experience. The integrity of the energy you send out attracts its vibrational match showing you how you are doing on the spiritual path. Everything that you think, say, and do sends a message to the universe to return a similar vibrational signature back to assist you in achieving your mission. Which is what? Well for me it is…to salute the Christ within all of humankind. Yes, your thoughts become things, experiences, or vibrations of energy that materialize in one way or another. What vibrational frequency are you vibrating at? When you make your choices, do so with the intention to bless the world!

Because of your conscientiousness, you earn a reward for your positive, virtuous, and ethical choice making, and healing light energy manifests as the experience of grace that fills your soul with joy. As a result, you can’t help but spill out the love you are feeling into your circle of influence. This light is felt by the world and heals the hearts of everyone you come in contact with. As you lift up your neighbor and treat others the way you want to be treated, you honor the Christ within humankind. Since there is no separation between God, humanity, and creation, all are blessed. We are united together as one in the field of oneness consciousness!

Unity consciousness enables all of humankind to connect with spirit to experience heaven in this present moment! Now that you understand these universal spiritual truths, know that God is a verb. Therefore, heaven must be an action. So take what you have just learned and apply it in your life. Surrender to the unfolding process of becoming your authentic self to live an enlightened life of integrity. Move into action to be the light in the darkness that blesses the world through the unique opportunities that manifest in your life!

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